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Enjoy Your Lunch Here on the Way to Churaumi Aquarium! Cafés in Motobu Town

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Many people visit Motobu Town in Northern Okinawa to go to Churaumi Aquarium or take ferries to Ie Island or Minna Island at Motobu Port or Toguchi Port. Motobu Town is the town that cannot cross out of the list of sightseeing spots in Okinawa. Also, there are many cafés in Motobu Town that local people go to, so let us give you the list of cafés that local people go for lunch.

Relaxing “fuu café” that is Surrounded by Greenery

Sesoko Island is connected by a bridge with Motobu Town, and the island is popular among local people for the beautiful natural beach. And, “fuu café” is located in such beautiful island. Lots of trees grow in a large garden, and they look very beautiful. Meals can be eaten inside the café, but it is better to come to this café during the season of new green leaves, eat outside, and feel the breeze. 

Ingredients that are mainly used are cropped in nearby farms or Yanbaru area (Northern Okinawa). And, the most popular dish in the menu is “Umibudo (sea grape) & Aguu Pork Bowl.” Bounty of the sea and land can be tasted at the same time, and chewy umibudo produced in Motobu Town and soft simmered Aguu pork are must-try.

fuu café 
Address: 557 Sesoko, Motobu Town
Tel: 0980-47-4885
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From Adults to Children Can Have Fun! Trains Run Inside the Cafe with Greenery in the Back

Izumi, Motobu Town is a beautiful area with greenery on the mountains, and “café gyutto” is located in such beautiful area. N scales (model railway scale) run on a miniature railroad inside the café, and customers can enjoy eating food while looking at N scales running. Counter seats in front of the railroad are the special seats because customers can look at N scales with nature in the back. And, you can operate N scales for 20 minutes by paying 500 yen. You can also bring your own N scales and operate them, so train lovers cannot miss this place. 

Bowl dishes with Okinawa’s seasonal ingredients, shio (salt) ramen, Okinawan vegetables soba, and other dishes are on the menu. Also, you can order chemical & fertilizer-free “Nago coffee” or chemical-free “Kanigawa tea.”

café gyutto
Address: 1667-1 Izumi, Motobu Town
Tel: 090-1456-8343
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Enjoy Your Lunch While Looking at Emerald Green Ocean at “Kanutan” 

“Kanutan” is about 10-minute drive from Churaumi Aquarium, and this is where you can command a view of East China Sea. You can choose either seats at tables inside the café or outdoor seats, and eat your lunch while looking at emerald green ocean.

More than 60 dishes are on the menu including noodles, breads, rice dishes, and more. When you come here to eat in a large group, you do not need to argue with others for what to eat! Plus, it must be good to eat seafood which was caught in the sea around Okinawa and home-grown vegetables.  

CafeRestaurant & Inn Kanutan
Address: 632-1 Gushiken, Motobu Town
Tel: 0980-48-4771
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“Aun,” a Quiet Café in the Mountains of Motobu Town

“Café Aun” is in the mountains of Yamazato, Motobu Town, and a gallery is also located next to the café. It is surrounded by the nature of Yanbaru, and you can see Motobu Port from here. Tables at the café are made by a ceramic artist Choichi Yonaha. Also, paintings by a painter Taichi Yonaha, Choichi’s nephew, are decorated on the walls as well. This is the café where everybody can enjoy eating and looking at artwork at the same time.  

Homemade curry, baked curry, and pizza are served here. Also, special sweets by a patissier are on the menu, so why don’t you have one after the meal?

Café Aun
Address: 433 Yamazato, Motobu Town
Tel: 0980-47-5380
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We listed 3 cafes in Motobu Town where you can enjoy your lunch, so you can refer to this information when you visit Motobu Town. These 3 cafes are very popular among local people, so you need extra time to go each place during busy time. 

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