Okinawa Tourism Information:5BestRecommendationattheFashionable“UkishimaDori”Street

5 Best Recommendation at the Fashionable “Ukishima Dori” Street

post : 2017.12.26 17:00

那覇のおしゃれスポットを街歩き♪ 女子がときめく浮島通りにあるおすすめのお店


Have you ever been to Ukishima-dori Sttreet in Naha City? Ukishima-dori is a narrow street located just off the Kokusai Street dotted with many fashionable cafes and variety stores. It is popular area among tourists and locals. We will introduce you today to some of the shops here. Why not stroll along Ukishima-dori and browsing through? 




1) Find something cute at “elufe”.

“elfe” is a small shop that offers variety of cute items. Masking tapes with Bingata-pattern which is traditional dye-design are very popular and recommended as souvenir.   




Just by sticking it to a regular straw hat, it gives it a cute look with local design.


雑貨屋 elufe


Okinawa post cards with warmth and charm are also available.   

The shop "eluf"
Address: 1st floor 124-ku Bldg. 2-5-1 Matsuo Naha City, Okinawa 


2)  Let's get cute seashell accessories at Tida Beach  
Tida Beach offers a lot of items made of  seashells from Okinawa. Their items rage from piercing items, bracelets to other types of jewelry. Each one is hand-made and they even accept requests for replacement of design motif or type of seashells that are used. 

Ti-da Beach


Inside the shop, there is a nice sofa on which customers can sit in and relax during shopping. 




Ti-da Beach
Address: 1-B  Chatelet Matsuo 2-2-13 Matsuo
Naha City, Okinawa 


3) Popular Cafe "Ukishima Garden"
Probably Ukishima Garden is the best known café on the Ukishima-dori; often introduced in some guide books for tourists. The eatery is a renovated old building with warmth look and modern atmosphere. They carefully choose ingredients and serve very tasty meals. 




"Shima-Dofu Veggie Taco Rice" is served only for lunch time, free from meat ingredients and made with local tofu and millet grains. Enjoy tasty taco meat.    




"Shima-Dofu" veggie taco rice. 




The upstairs space is sitting-on-the floor style seating, suitable for a family with young children.

UKishima Garden
2-12-3 Matsuo Naha City, Okinawa 
Phone: 098-943-2100

4) Leather craft item "anshare project"
At the Ukishima Dori Street, there are also fine men's store and "anshare" is one of them. The products sold in here are handmade and created by artists based in Okinawa. A wide selection of   fashionable silver accessories and leather crafts are available.    

anshare project


The shop owner and designer, Mr. Shotaro has carefully selected the items for his shop; each one is created with meticulous taste of artists. Their products are very much recommended as gifts for anyone's significant other. 




The owner, Shotaro-san. 

 "anshare project"
2-12-8 Matsuo Naha City, Okinawa

5) Feeling delightful at the Soap Boutique
"La Cucina" is a shop dedicated to soap, which is somewhat rare style in Okinawa. As the shop name tells, it has an atmosphere of chic boutique. 


ラ クッチーナ ソープ・ブティック


An each soap is displayed like a jewelry. The ingredients  used in many soaps are Okinawa based, so suitable for souvenir. 




An each item is carefully displayed.  


Address: 1F 2-5-31 Matsuo Naha City, 

Phone/Fax 098-988-8413 

There are other attractive spots and lovely  stores at Ukishima Dori so why not stop by. It is in easy access of Kokusai Street and monorail station with walking distance.