Okinawa Tourism Information:ForestAdventureINOnnaistheBestSpotforEnergeticGirls!

Forest Adventure IN Onna is the Best Spot for Energetic Girls!

post : 2018.01.17 18:00

Hello! “Shiny” is an organization for female college students in Okinawa, and we mainly issue free newspapers. For our 2nd collaboration with Okinawa CLIP, we are going to write about “Forest Adventure IN Onna” this time♪

Speaking of outdoor activities in Okinawa, marine activity might come up on your mind, correct? It is impossible to swim in spring, but if you want to do outdoor activity still, “Forest Adventure IN Onna” must be a good place to go!! It is an environmental symbiotic type of theme park in Onna Village, the west coast of Okinawa Main Island. Put safety rope on, and move from a tree to tree. You can have a feeling of levitation while looking at the beautiful beach♪ I will give you a full report about the park from the beginning to end! 

1. Reservation 

Reservation is necessary to have fun at Forest Adventure IN Onna, so make sure to make a reservation via telephone or official website ahead of time. 

2. Check your height and weight

There are height and weight limits to enter the theme park. The minimum height is 140cm / 4.5ft, and the maximum weight is 130 kg / 287lb. 

3 Check-in

After checking the height and weight, pay attention to the explanation by a staff and sign on paperwork.

4. Take a safety training program

A staff will explain how to enjoy at the park. You might get injured if you didn't pay attention to him/her, so it is very important!

5. Let's try an attraction!!!

Climb up by using a rope. It is a bit hard, but keep it going!

This is an attraction called “ZIP SLIDE.” I feel breeze, and it feels good☆

The ocean looked very beautiful while having fun with an attraction♪

“AMAZON BRIDGE” is definitely my favorite attraction. It is so much fun!!! 

There are 33 attractions at this park. Among these attractions, the longest runway is 120m / 0.07mi long, and the tallest height is 30m / 393ft. You can spend about 2 hours here, and this is a perfect spot to spend warm spring♡ Each attraction is not so difficult, so you do not need too much muscle to complete them. Or you do not need to have good strength! For your information, you do need to wear comfortable clothing. You might trip over, so make sure to wear long pants. Also, do not forget to wear sneakers instead of heels or sandals. Be careful and enjoy at the park♡

Forest Adventure IN Onna 
Address: 1525 Maeda, Onna Village 
Tel: 090-4739-9140
Fee: 3,800 yen (individual) / 3,500 yen (group of 8 or more)
Business hours: 9:00-15:00 (last entry) *hours vary depending on the season


Chika from "Shiny"