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Not Only Shurijo Castle! 5 Recommended Spots Around Shurijo Castle

post : 2018.04.10 18:00

Shurijo Castle is one of the popular sightseeing spots in Okinawa Main Island, and historical architectures and sites are sited around Shurijo Castle. The atmosphere of historic city remains in this area, so it is also a perfect spot for walking. This time, we selected 5 good spots nearby, so how about stopping by all of them?

1. Manju (Steamed Bun with Bean Paste) of Shuri with 100 years of History

First, we need to mention about Shuri’s famous manju called “No Manju!” It is in many guidebooks, so we believe many people are familiar with it. “Gibo Manju” is a Manju shop which has its 100 years of history, and it is the creator of "No Manju." It has been very popular among local people since its founding.

A character “No (の)” on manju indicates “Noshi (thin strip of paper wrapped around celebration gift). Manju with “No” is for celebration such as wedding, go on to school, or baby gift. The one without “No” is for Buddhist memorial service. The staff at the shop will ask you if you want the character “No” on it, so you can ask for it.

Manju will be wrapped with shell ginger before it gets steamed, so its smell spreads once you open the wrapping. Freshly made manju is also good to eat while walking, so hopefully you will enjoy this popular manju in Okinawa. 

Gibo Manju
Address: 2-109-1 Shuri Kubagawa-cho, Naha City
Tel: 098-884-1764

2. How About Coral Dyeing? 

Would you like to try “coral dyeing?” A wide range of people from young children to adults can join the workshop at “Shuri Ryuzen,” a company which has 40 years of its history. Coral dyeing is their original dyeing method, and colors T-shirt, cloth wrapper, tote bag by using fossil coral (fossils are on the bottom photo. Cut it into half to use it). 

The staff will teach you how to dye it kindly, so beginners do not need to worry about anything. Stabilize a cloth on the coral, rub it, and then and pattern with 4 colors of red, yellow, blue, and purple shows up on the surface.

The workshop requires about 40 minutes, and this is how it looks like! How about trying it for the memory of your trip to Okinawa? 

Shuri Ryusen
Address: 1-54 Shuri Yamagawa-cho, Naha City
Tel: 098-886-1131

3. When You Feel Like Trying Out a New Look… 

When you feel a sense of freedom during your vacation, you might think of getting a haircut. If so, how about going to “HAIR LOUNGE THREE BEE” in Shuri Samukawa-cho? 

This beauty salon features elegant and calm atmosphere, and a café bar is in complex with the beauty salon. This café bar is open only for customers, so they can relax and spend time. After the owner Takumi Tamaki worked for a famous beauty salon called “ACQUA” in Tokyo, he moved to New York to work in Manhattan. He involved with many TV dramas including “SEX and the CITY” as a staff while he was in NY, so you can tell he is a skillful beautician, right? 

Address: 2-29-7 B-1 Shuri Samukawa-cho, Naha City
Tel: 050-5851-0759

4. Try Eating “Nankotsu Soki (pork rib with gristle) Curry)” During Your Visit to Okinawa 

“Ajitoya” is good for lunch, and the restaurant serves popular soup curry. You might wonder why you have to eat curry while you are in Okinawa, but the original dishes are served at this restaurant, so they cannot be served anywhere but here. Dishes include Nankotsu soki curry, rafute (pork belly) curry, Okinawan pork sausage curry, and Kamaage yushi tofu (fluffy tofu) curry. Local ingredients are used for each dish, and this restaurant is popular among local residents and tourists.

Vacuum cooked nankotsu soki is soft, and its bone is soft as well! Okinawan brown sugar is used for the curry. It has spicy but rich flavor, so you do not get tired of eating it until the last bite. You can pick the spiciness of your choice from level 1 – 100, and turmeric rice has free refill! 

Okinawan fall turmeric, brown sugar, Sri Lankan organic spice are contained for “Okinawan Brown Sugar Tropical Curry Spice.” Would you like to get one for someone who loves curry? 

Ajitoya Shuri Branch
Address: 1-37-3 1F Shuri Sakiyama-cho, Naha City
Tel: 098-955-5706

5. A Sacred Spot Near Shurijo Castle  

The last spot on the list is a famous sacred spot near Shurijo Castle. If you need to be energized, you definitely need to stop by here. It is located on a side street from “Kinjo-cho Stone Pavement” in Shuri, Kinjo-cho,” one of the top 100 selected roads in Japan. 

Here it is. 6 of Akagi trees (Bishop wood) are growing within the same property of the forest called "Uchikanagusuku Taki," and they are designated as natural monuments of Okinawa. Also, these trees are over 200-year-old.  

Especially, the biggest Akagi tree which shows its presence is 300-year-old! There is a myth that the God goes down to this tree on every June 15th of the Chinese calendar. If you made a wish on that day, the God will make your wish comes true. So, would you like to stop by at this spot and make your wish on this day?

Akagi Tree in Shuri Kinjo-cho
Address: 3-18 Shuri Kinjo-cho, Naha City

We selected 5 recommended spots near Shurijo Castle. We hope you will stop by each spot after visiting Shurijo Castle. There are many photogenic spots in this area, so do not forget to bring a camera with you. Shuri is known as a famous area with lots of slopes, so make sure to wear sneakers when you walk around the area.  

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