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World’s Food in Naha! Spots Where You Can Eat Foreign Foods!

post : 2018.04.17 18:00

“Eating” is one of the fun things during the trip. There are many kinds of restaurants in Okinawa include Okinawan cuisine restaurants, restaurants where you can eat tacos and taco rice, cafes, and more. It is good to try Okinawan cuisine for your first trip to Okinawa, but if you love Okinawa and go to Okinawa many times, how about enjoying exotic atmosphere at the same time? We will list some restaurants where you can have foreign foods in Naha.

Enjoy Pho in the Morning at a Café “soi” in Tsuboya

A café “soi” near Yachimun-dori Street in Tsuboya opens from 9:00, and you can eat ethnic food put in potteries. These potteries were made by potters in Okinawa. 

You can order “Morning Pho” in the morning. Pho is a Vietnamese noodle made from rice, and lots of Okinawan vegetables are used as ingredients of Pho. When you add shikuwasa and nampla (fish sauce) into it, you can enjoy the flavor of Viet Nam.

Thai Curry is served during lunch hour. Since dairy product and flour are not used to cook curry, it is good for stomach. You can choose the level of spiciness, so children and customers with allergy can eat it with no worries.

Address: 1-7-18-1F Tsuboya, Naha City

Korean Rolled Food Restaurant “Oppa Kinpa”

“Oppa Kinap” in Takara, Naha City is a Korean rolled food restaurant. “Oppa” means big brother in Korean, and customers can have rolled food called “Kinpa” cooked by Oppa at this restaurant.

Kinpa is cooked with rice seasoned with salt and sesame oil and colorful ingredients, and it is wrapped with Korean non-acid seaweed. Lots of vegetables are stuffed inside the food, and less rice is around them. By eating Kinpa, you can supply lots of vegetables we tend to lack during the trip. 

Oppa Kinpa
Address: 2-9-50-1F Takara, Naha City
Tel: 098-987-4393

Enjoy the Middle Eastern Knickknacks and Lunch at “Lamp”

When you go up a gentle slope from Kokusai Street toward Naha High School a little, you can see a café / knickknack shop “Lamp” on the left. Blue doors and greens around the shop are the recognizable landmark.

A dish with Tunisian couscous is served at the café. Couscous is the smallest pasta in the world which is made from flour, and Africa and Middle East are recognized as the cradle of couscous. When you eat couscous which comes with a dish that reminds of beautiful Middle Eastern tiles, you might feel exotic atmosphere immediately. 

Knickknacks that the shop owner purchased in the Middle East are available at the shop as well, so you might feel like being in a foreign country just by looking at them. 

Lamp cafe+zakka
Address: 2-3-25-1F Matsuo, Naha City
Tel: 098-863-2491 

We listed 3 restaurants where you can have foreign foods in Naha City. When you need a little break during your trip or feel like eating something, it would be good to stop by any of these restaurants. 

◎ Restaurants where you can eat foreign foods. 

Authentic Ryukyu Mexican cuisine restaurant “BORRACHOS” Just Near Kokusai-dori Street

The Italian Pizza , Almost a Masterpiece of an Art 

A Hamburger Restaurant “Gordie’s” Reminds of Good-old Days of America

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