Okinawa Tourism Information:MoreThan20KindsofDishesareontheMenuof“SteakHouse88TsujiMainBranch”

More Than 20 Kinds of Dishes are on the Menu of “Steak House 88 Tsuji Main Branch”

post : 2018.05.08 19:00

T-bone, tenderloin, sirloin, fillet, rib roast, top blade muscle, Ishigaki beef, Wagyu, triple steak… many kinds of meats are on the menu of “Steak 88.”

You can choose any meats depend on your budget and favorite meat. Branches of Steak House 88 are in few areas of Okinawa, and some of the dishes are served at discount prices only at Tsuji Main Branch. 

Popular Tenderloin Steak (size M) is served for 2,300 yen (w/o tax) at the main branch, and other branches for 2,500 yen. Size S (1,600 yen w/o tax) is also on the menu. 

After the restaurant started to air a TV commercial years ago, the number of 1 female customer has increased. Also, it has been developed as a restaurant that customers can stop by easily whenever they get hungry. 

“Triple Steak” consists of chicken, diced steak, and Hamburg steak, and it is offered for 2,980 yen (w/o tax).

The atmosphere of restaurant is relaxed, but they will not compromise on the quality of meat. They serve Grade A4 or A5 of Wagyu and Ishigaki beef. Selected good quality of foreign beef is served as well.

“Shrimp & Steak (2,980 yen w/o tax).” Selected shrimps with lots of meat and rich taste are served along with steak.

Customers can use steak sauce include A1 sauce, No. 1 sauce, sauce with Okinawan garlic & soy sauce, or Shikuwasa dressing. You can enjoy either rich or simple taste just by adding either one to your steak.  

“White Fish Steak (1,850 yen w/o tax).”

If you are not able to eat steak, you can order dishes such as White Fish Steak and Taco Rice. Enjoy the authentic steak at a restaurant which is in a friendly area. 

Steak House 88 Tsuji Main Branch 
Address: 2-8-21-1F Tsuji, Naha City
Tel: 098-862-3553
Business Hours: 11:00-4:00 (final order 3:45)
Closed: open throughout the year (business hours are subject to change on the New Year’s holidays and Obon season)
Parking: up to 30 vehicles (free for up to 1-hour) 

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