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Try These Foods When You Visit Okinawa! Restaurants in Naha City that You Need to Go

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Don’t you feel like eating foods that local people eats when you visit other cities or countries? Actually, Naha City is the city where many tourists stop by, so it would be good to add a plan to go to the following local restaurants in Naha City.  

So Close to Kokusai St.! “Yuunangii” Has Been in Business Since 1970

Kokusai Street is a famous tourist spot with many souvenir shops and restaurants, and crowded with many people. A restaurant “Yuunangii” is located near the entrance of Kokusai St., and it is close to monorail Kencho-mae Station. The restaurant is founded in 1970, and businessmen who work in Kumoji area and local people line up during lunch and dinner time. 

Almost all Okinawan dishes are offered at this restaurant, so not only regular customers but also recommended for first time travelers to Okinawa. Good thing is that almost most of the ingredients are produced in Okinawa. 

Address: 3-3-3 Kumoji, Naha City
Tel: 098-867-3765

Enjoy Chimagu and Tebichi! Okinawan Oden

Oden is one of the popular dishes in Okinawa. Usually, oden is eaten during the winter, so most people might wonder why Okinawan people eat such a hot dish in hot Okinawa. Actually Okinawan oden is popular in Okinawa, and many local people are in a line to eat oden at a restaurant “Ofukuro” in Kumoji area. 

About 50 kinds of ingredients of oden are available at the restaurant. Ingredients include daikon (Japanese radish), deep-fried tofu, kelp, egg, konnyaku (konjak or devil’s tongue), fried tofu fritter, fried tofu bag with rice cake, corn, scallop, rolled omelet, udon noodle, and tomato. And, the ingredients that are necessary for Okinawan oden are “chimagu (pettitoes),” “tebichi (shank meat),” and “leaf vegetables.” Don’t miss these three ingredients if you are going to try Okinawan oden.

Address: 1-8-7 Kumoji, Naha City
Tel: 098-868-6721

“Udunyama,” a Restaurant on Top of the Hill in Shuri

Speaking of Okinawan food, Okinawa soba is one of the must-try foods. Since there are many Okinawa soba restaurants, you might not be sure which one to go. How about going to an old folk house style of restaurant? Such restaurant is located on top of the hill in Shuri, the area where Shurijo Castle is sited. The restaurant is 150-year-old house, and there is no front door because that was how the traditional style of old house was built. But don’t worry about it. You can enter the restaurant through a door that leads to inside of it.

Soba is made with the traditional style of method. First, they burn Banyan tree and turn it into ash. Next, dissolve the ash with water. When the scum comes up, mix it with flour to make soba noodles. It will take lots of time and effort to make noodles. Also, soup of soba is MSG-free, so it is good enough to drink and finish. 

Address: 1-121-2 Shuri Ishimine-cho, Naha City
Tel: 098-885-5498 

We hope you will enjoy the Okinawan food that Okinawan people like and make your travel fun. 

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