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Don’t You Want to Feel Special in the Early Morning? 8 Restaurants that Serve Delicious Breakfasts in Naha City

post : 2018.05.16 18:00

Do you know that there are many restaurants that serve delicious breakfasts in Naha City? Such restaurants serve pork tamago onigiri, cold-pressed juice, açaí bowl, and many more. They open from the early morning, so how about getting up earlier and having gorgeous breakfast?

1. Pork Tamago Onigiri Main Shop

“Pork tamago onigiri (rice ball),” a sandwiched food with pork luncheon meat and fried egg, has been very popular in Okinawa, and it is also available at convenience stores. “Pork Tamago Onigiri Main Shop” near Makishi Public Market is a rare pork tamago onigiri shop that cannot be seen anywhere but here. 

SPAM & fried egg onigiri, original “Fried pork tamago onigiri,” and more onigiri are on the menu. It would be good to find your favorite ones among various types of pork tamago onigiri.

Pork Tamago Onigiri Main Shop 
Address: 2-8-35 Matsuo, Naha City 
Business Hours: 7:00-17:00

2. Popular Cold-pressed Juice Shop “ON OFF YES NO”

Cold-pressed juice is a juice which squeezed vegetables and fruits with low speed. It is more nutritious than regular juice, and models drink it for detox. And, you can try cold-pressed juice at a cafe called “ON OFF YES NO” near Nouren Market.

Besides cold-pressed juice, you can also order hummus sandwich or poured homemade granola with almond milk. 

Address: 2-1-23 Higawa, Naha City
Tel: 098‐987‐4143

3. Try Popular Açaí Bowl! “C&C BREAKFAST OKINAWA” 

The concept of C&C BREAKFAST OKINAWA is “delicious breakfast on your trip.” Fancy and delicious dishes such as açaí bowl and pancakes are served here, so most ladies might fall in love with this restaurant. 

Address: 2-9-6-1F Matsuo, Naha City
Tel: 098-927-9295

4. Recommended Café for Breakfast. “soi”

How about having a breakfast at a café and getting relaxed? A café named “soi” is good for those people who want to get relaxed in the morning. “Morning Pho” is popular at this café, and you can have lots of vegetables as well. Look at the morning sun and enjoy the breakfast.

A married couple / owners welcome you with nice smiles.

Address: 1-7-18-1F Tsuboya, Naha City

5. “CHATANCOFFEE,” a Small Coffee Shop in an Alley

“cafe street CHATANCOFFEE” is in an alley near Makishi Public Market, and it is popular by local people. Not only coffee, but also toast and other dishes are served for breakfast. It is good to have a delicious breakfast while chatting with cheerful staffs.

cafe street CHATANCOFFEE
Address: 2-9-7 Matsuo, Naha City
Tel: 098-861-0464

6. Breakfast with 50 dishes at Okinawa Daiichi Hotel 

You can eat herbal breakfast at Okinawa Daiichi Hotel. The total number of dishes is 50, and the total calories are only 585kcal! Okinawan vegetables are used as ingredients, and each dish brings out the full flavor of the ingredients.

Okinawa Daiichi Hotel
Address: 1-1-12 Makishi, Naha City
Tel: 098-867-3116

7. Enjoy Your Breakfast at a Greenery Garden of “Niffera”

A café “Niffera” is 5 minutes walk from Tsuboya Yachimun Street with many Okinawan traditional pottery shops. Banana, shikuwasa, and other plants are growing in the garden of the café, so customers can feel the blessing of nature. You can have Vegetarian breakfast with nutritious Okinawan vegetables and fruits at the café.   

It is better to enjoy breakfast at the garden and feel relaxed. Menus include açaí bowl, smoothie, and vegan plate.

Café Niffera
Address: 1-13-9-1F Tsuboya, Naha City
Tel: 098‐868‐8636

8. Breads at “oHacorte Bakery” 

“oHacorte Bakery” is managed by “oHacorte,” a popular fruit tarte shop. This unique bakery has an adjoining a home décor shop. Customers can buy not only breads, but also home décor. Delicious breads are available here from 7:30.

oHacorte Bakery
Address: 1-4-10-1F Izumizaki, Naha City
Tel: 098-869-1830

It is obvious that many restaurants in Naha City serve delicious breakfasts, isn’t it? Probably some people want to oversleep during the trip, but it is not a bad idea to get up a little early and eat breakfast! Also, if you know other places that serve good breakfast in Okinawa, please let us know. 

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