Okinawa Tourism Information:JustTakingPhotosofBlueBeach?That’sNotEnough!SeashoreFalseBindweedat“FuchakuBeach”CreatestheBeautifulView

Just Taking Photos of Blue Beach? That’s Not Enough! Seashore False Bindweed at “Fuchaku Beach” Creates the Beautiful View

post : 2018.06.21 18:00

Onna Village is the resort area which represents Okinawa, and there are many resort hotels in the village. “Fuchaku Beach” in Onna Village is a familiar beach among the residents from the time before many hotels were built. Even though it is called as “Fuchaku Beach,” there are no lifeguard and shower facilities here. Plus, it is not officially managed by the village or prefecture. So, people can spend relaxed and quiet time here, and also can see the blue sky, beach, and fresh Seashore false bindweed here. By the way, did you know that this is actually a photogenic spot? If you cannot get satisfied just taking photos of blue sky and beach, your problem could be solved when you come to this beach. 

“Fuchaku Beach” is located along Route 58. Tourists who stay at nearby hotels can be reached at the beach on foot. Since there is no public parking at the beach, and it is forbidden to drive cars onto the beach, so it is better to take public transportation to get here.

A landmark of the beach is a “Fuchaku” bus stop on Route 58. If you found Fuchaku Community Center near the bus stop, that is the entrance of “Fuchaku Beach.” 

When you walk toward the beach, you can see this dike. Tourists and residents sit on the dike and chat or enjoy BBQ when they come here. This dike is a spot to give people a sense of peace. When I take photos, I focus on not only composition and light. Just like the dike here, I look for spots where models can be relaxed. Dikes can be seen at any beaches, so they can create a peaceful atmosphere. Just do not push yourself so hard to take good photos. Take your time while talking anything to the models, and then take many photos. That is how to take photos of models with adorable facial expression. 

When you stand on the dike, you can see that Seashore false bindweed covers a part of sand. This is the good spot to take photos at Fuchaku Beach. To take a photo of Seashore false bindweed, sky, and beach in one photo, a photographer needs to go backwards all the way. Next, find a good spot where Seashore false bindweed covers the sand and able to see beautiful clouds. The best height to hold camera is almost the same height as your head. If the camera is too close to the ground, the beach will be hidden behind Seashore false bindweed.

“Go backwards” and “hold a camera almost the same height as your head.” These 2 are the secret to take a photo of Seashore false bindweed, sky, and beach in one photo. I took these photos around 15:00. The sun goes down on the left side of beach, so the beach and sky turn white against the lights after 15:00. Probably the time to take good photos is from morning – 15:00. 

Next, do the opposite thing. Get close to the model near Seashore false bindweed, and take photos from a low angle as you can lie down. There is a downhill beyond Seashore false bindweed, and the beach can be seen from any heights. The purpose to take photos from a low angle is to blur Seashore false bindweed. This photo is composed of Seashore false bindweed, beach and sky in the back, and model. If the distance of each is far, subjects other than focused subjects or models get blurred. If you take photos from a low angle, Seashore false bindweed on the bottom show up in the photo, then the distance between models and Seashore false bindweed will be apart. By using this technique, models show up clearly. This is a useable technique for compact cameras as well, so it is worth to try.

The way children play with Seashore false bindweed look adorable, so I never got tired of taking photos of them. Imagine if they were your children, they might be adorable even more. If you come to this spot and use techniques that I instructed, you can take photos with blue sky, beach, and Seashore false bindweed in one photo. So, let's give it a try! 

Fuchaku Beach: 164 Fuchaku, Onna Village

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Okinawa CLIP photo writer Yu Murakami