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Fantastically Tender Braised Pork Ribs! Made with White Wine in Pressure Cooker.

post : 2018.07.05 01:00

I am going through the fourth winter here since I came to live in Okinawa. As of December 10th, the lowest temperature of the day is 18 degrees C, and I was surprised to see the nationwide forecast telling us that it is only 8 decree C in Tokyo. 10 degrees  is such a big difference. Holy mackerel.  - 3  degrees C in Asahikawa Hokkaido?! More surprisingly, I have come to feel its coldness in the air of Okinawa even it is 18 degrees C. People from Hokkaido or Tohoku region might get mad at me. 


Oven-baked dish such as au gratin and lasagna is always something that we will look forward to in cold weather and stew and pot-au-feu is nice, too. 



I made braised soki (an Okinawan language meaning pork ribs) with white wine. Soki pork ribs are usually cooked with soy sauce, awamori local liquor, brown sugar, and then placed as topping on noodle soup. Soki pork ribs can be a tasty treat when they are cooked in western-style as well. Usually it takes about 3 hours until the meat get tender but with a pressure cooker the cooking time will be much reduced. There are two types of soki; pork ribs with gristles or non-gristles. For my cooking, I picked non-gristles type. 



Soki pork ribs      500 g 
Onions           1/2 medium size  
Carrots               1/3 
Laurel leaves        1 
Consomme cube   1 
White wine          200 cc
Salt            adequate amount


 【How to Make】
1) Boil water in a large pan, put pork ribs and skim the scum.   
2) Drain hot water from the pan, rinse pork ribs with water quickly and put them in a pressure cooker. Pour in water just enough cover ribs and add white wine, consommé cube and start the cooker. When the whistle lifted, reduce the heat and simmer for about 20 minutes. 
3.) After the whistle came down, open the cooker, remove the ribs and soup, put them into another pan, and then add cut onions, carrots, and a laurel leave. Put a lid on the pan and simmer with low heat until vegetables get tender. Simmer away the soup until half.    
Have a taste and adjust with salt to your own preference.  


If you use a wine for your cooking, it is better to choose the wine of the same varietal or the same production area that you are drinking with your meal, so that your food and beverage will go well together. This time I chose a German dry wine for my pork rib dish.



I prepared fusilli with pork ribs, a variety of pasta, but of course you can replace it with any other kind such as couscous. Vegetables like cabbages, long onions and zucchini will surely taste great. Well-cooked pork ribs in a pressure cooker are so tender, the meat come off from bones easily and ready to eat. Serve soup into a separate bowl and enjoy sweetness of onions in broth.    


Okinawa Clip writer Sachiko (photo & recipe)