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Pop & Casual Okinawan-designed T-shirt Shop

post : 2014.05.12 18:00

On Kukusai Street, you can find a number of T-shirt shops, among which the one selling T-shirts with incomparably higher level of design is “T-SHIRT-YA.COM Kokusai Street Shop.”

The specialty shop has more than 300 kinds of items, mainly T-shirts.


Inside the shop, you can find a variety of items displayed mainly their 5 original brand products.

“NANTEN”…Ryukyu classical pattern
“CAMP RYUKYU”…pop and Okinawan-style casual
“Okinawa Yankees”…rogue’s rock and roll style
“VERAOSTA”…designed for sports
“T-SHIRT-YA.COM”…you can enjoy free-style design.

All the brand items are designed to show Okinawan elements in a popish way.
All the items produced by a main designer, QP-san show the love for Okinawa.


Examples of Okinawan elements are plants, animals, food.

“Peaceful Island”T-shirt of “CAMP RYUKYU” is very popular among girls for its cute design.

Take a close look at items, and you will find many more Okinawan motifs like hibiscus, yanbarukuina (Okinawan rail), mangrove, shimazouri (beach sandals), etc.

This is a unique shirt of “NANTEN” with a design combination of thunder and cloud in bingata style.
“NANTEN”also focuses on kariyushi wear.  Materials, threads, prints are all locally made. 
Their kariyushi wears are easily to try because of its casual designs like “yamori (gecko),”which protects Okinawan houses, a motif of adan (screw pine) tree, etc.


The eighty percent of customers to “T-SHIRT-YA.COM”are tourists. But a T-shirt illustrating Ryujin Mabuya has changed this percentage.  Ryujin Mabuya is our local hero, which was made into film and became popular over the nation.
This official T-shirt describes that Ryujin Mabuya and Ryujin Ganashi fight with an army of evil called Majimun in American comic style.
Since the beginning of its sale, local people came one after another to buy the Ryujin Mabuya T-shirts.

 “We design Okinawan elements very cool for our T-shirts.  I want our customers to buy our T-shirt for just one-time souvenir but buy it as a casual wear in their everyday life,”said the store manager, Hebi-san.
Following their concept, his T-shirt shows a nice-looking goya, an Okinawan element, designed in a popish way.

Other than their original items, the shop provides a collaboration item with a musician Cocco, and a double-name shirt with “Tetrapots,”a brand by Satoshi from Mongol 800, and a collaboration item with Gegege-no-Kitaro

For this coming summer, I recommend you T-shirts of “T-SHIRT-YA.COM!”
Please enjoy finding your favorite Okinawan T-shirt!

T-SHIRT-YA.COM Kokusai Street Shop

Address: 3-1-8-2F, Makishi, Naha-shi, Okinawa
Hours: 10:00 to 21:00
TEL: 098-860-2830
Open 365 days a year

* They also have Chatan Shop and Asato Shop.
  (They are franchising shops.)

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Osamu Miyajima