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Kame Andagi (Umikaji Terrace on Senaga Island) Offers Sata Andagi from Recipe Passed On from Kame Oji

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Sata Andagi is a traditional Okinawan confectionary that is made of flour, eggs, and sugar, and deep-fried in oil.

Over generations, Sata Andagi has been a part of Okinawa’s food culture and loved by the local people, and its simple taste continues to attract people who are visiting Okinawa as well. There are numerous Sata Andagi specialty shops throughout the Okinawan islands, but in this article, I’ll be introducing a shop that offers a different and special way of enjoying this timeless favorite.

This shop is Kame Andagi, also known as Kame Oji-no Sata Andagi (Oji in the Okinawan language means Grandpa), which is located in the popular tourist/shopping hotspot, the Umikaji Terrace on Senaga Island. Senaga Island is about 15 minutes away by car from the Airport. Kame Andagi is one of the most popular shops at Umikaji Terrace, welcoming customers as soon as they’re open for business and up to closing time.

We can trace the shop’s history back to Kame Tenpura shop which was founded in Wakamatsu, Naha, in 1973. During those days, the Sata Andagi with pumpkin made by Kameichi Oji was a local favorite, and after Oji’s retirement, people missed his special Andagi.

That’s when a successor to his dearly missed Andagi appeared. This was Kyomi Muto who is now the representative of Kame Andagi. Kyomi was always a great fan of Kame Oji’s Sata Andagi, and she explains, “Sata Andagi are a big part of celebrations in Okinawa and is said to be an auspicious. I really wanted to offer Oji’s Sata Andagi to the guests at my daughter’s wedding, so I went and asked him to teach me how to make them. That’s when Kame Oji asked me if I’d be interested in carrying on his business…” The idea had never crossed her mind, and she felt it was a huge responsibility to carry on his tastes. Then she thought, how sad it would be to let that special taste disappear for good! And so she made a firm decision to take on the big task.

The pumpkin used in the recipe passed on from Oji uses a special kind of pumpkin grown in Minami Daito Island (some are from Hokkaido, depending on the season), which is blended into the batter. It is high in carotene and fiber, and has a deliciously moist texture.


Although the Andagi are deep-fried, they don’t have that heaviness to it because they are also careful about their selection of oil.
The size of the Andagi from their shop are big, weighing about 70 to 80 grams each. It takes about 20 minutes in the fryer and because they tend to burn or break while in the oil, they’re carefully tended. Ms. Muto says, “Our Sata Andagi are made with TLC!” All to keep the delicious taste for the customers.

Kame Andagi’s style is to serve them in halves, topped with cream cheese, Ogura sweet bean cream, mango or black sesame seed ice cream, strawberry marble ice cream, or other delicious toppings to meet various tastes.

You can order double toppings and choose two various kinds, too. The popular choices are mango and cream cheese, or matcha green tea ice cream and black syrup with kinako soy bean powder. You can enjoy the great match of the warm Andagi and their cold toppings, with the Andagi crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside♪

One of the most popular toppings selected by tourists is the Beni-imo cream, which is made with steamed Beni-imo, or local purple potato mixed with cream and Okinawan coarse sugar. The eggs used in the Andagi are fresh from an egg farm and so the aroma is also very rich. Because the Andagi is a very simple confectionary, the quality of each ingredient really stands out.

Andagi has always been a confectionary close to the locals and is easily enjoyed by the Okinawan people because it is easy to prepare at home. That said, the Andagi from Kame Andagi are special because they spend a lot of time and cost in its preparation, and the new way of enjoying them with variations of toppings make their treats hard to resist.

Ms. Muto hopes more and more visitors to Okinawa discover this wonderful treat, and for the locals to re-discover the greatness of the Sata Andagi.

Ms. Muto is carrying on the taste of Kame Oji and at the same time, embracing and introducing a new way of enjoying the traditional snack. This new Okinawan specialty is a wonderful addition to the food culture of Okinawa, welcomed by the regular customers of Kame Tenpura, as well as for first-timers who are visiting or new to Okinawa.


Kame Andagi
Address: No. 8 Umikaji Terrace, 174-6 Senaga, Tomigusuku City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-851-4171
Business Hours: 10:00-20:00

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沖縄県豊見城市瀬長174-6 Umikaji Terrace No,8