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Okinawan style seasoned rice "Jushi"

post : 2013.08.26 16:00

Today we will introduce some Okinawan cuisine. Its name is "jushi". Just hearing its name makes this dish sound delicious and juicy.
There are mainly two types of jushi, "kufa jushi" and "yafa jushi". "Kufa jushi" (firm jushi) is a rice seasoned and cooked with various ingredients, while "yafa jushi" (soft jushi) is a rice soup.
The picture shows "kufa jushi". Many ingredients such as pork, carrots, hijiki seaweed or shiitake mushrooms are added to the rice and is cooked in pork broth.
Each family has its own recipe, and jushi is always cooked for events and celebrations.
It is a dish so popular that lately it is sold as jushi onigiri at convenience stores.
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