Okinawa Tourism Information:AnOldHistoricHome(Kominka)RefurbishedintoanAccommodationFacility.WarayunSOMatsutakenoKominkaisaOne-of-a-KindPlacetoStayinTsuboya,Naha

An Old Historic Home (Kominka) Refurbished into an Accommodation Facility. WarayunSO Matsutake no Kominka is a One-of-a-Kind Place to Stay in Tsuboya, Naha

post : 2019.02.20 02:00

Lately in Naha, there seems to be two categories of accommodation facilities available for visitors. There are large hotels and business hotels for visitors and tourists, and then there are comfortable and homely guesthouses. In this Tsuboya area in Naha, there’s a facility that welcomes guests in a newly renovated house. This is WarayunSO Matsutake no Kominka.

Tsuboya is a neighborhood in Naha that still has the atmosphere from the bygone era, and this is where WarayunSO is located. When you walk a few minutes towards the residential area on Tsuboya’s Yachimun Street where the pottery shops are, you’ll see a structure with a red-tiled roof.

They rent out the whole house to one party per day, so it’s perfect to stay here with your family, partner, or friends to enjoy your holiday. Renting the whole house is nice especially when you have children, as you don’t have to worry about other guests while you relax.

The kitchen has a microwave and a fridge, and there’s a washing machine that you can use, too. The shower and washroom are separate and convenient, and there’s a small garden outside. The accommodation comes with a portable Wi-Fi that you can use while you’re relaxing at the lodge or take it with you on your outings for extra convenience.

The accommodation doesn’t come with meals, but its central location in Naha ensures a wide selection of great foods at restaurants and izakayas nearby. Recommended for evening walks are the Yatai Mura, where numerous food and beverage booths are gathered in one place, Ryugu Street and Sakurazaka, which are all within walking distance. If you decide to go a little bit further, there’s Sakaemachi Market (with many drinking places around it), too. During the day, Tsuboya and around Heiwa Dori and Sunrise Dori areas are fun to explore (with Okinawa Soba shops and other places to eat). For breakfast, there’s also much to choose from that are within 10 minutes on foot. You can go to the places around the Kosetsu Ichiba, or the public market (for congee, pork rice balls and many others), and there are fast food places (Jef, McDonald’s, others) if that’s what you crave.

I asked the owner, Lisa Kinjo, where the unique name of WarayunSO Matsutake no Kominka came from. “In the Okinawan language, ‘warayun’ means to smile or to smile happily,” and Kinjo-san continued to tell me that her wish was for her guests to spend their time here smiling, chatting and spending a happy time with friends and family. She says she also borrowed her grandfather’s name, Matsutake, who used to live in this house. She says, “In the recent years, here in Tsuboya, too, we’re seeing old residences disappear one by one with the changing of the times. I wanted to do something to keep the special atmosphere of Tsuboya, including my grandfather’s house. I built up my courage and renovated the place and opened the lodge in January of 2018. I hope to make this a place where visitors can feel like they live here, in the city of Naha.”


WarayunSo Matsutake-no Kominka is about five minutes on foot from either Makishi Station or Asato Station on the Yui Rail. If you have a car, parking is available at the paid parking nearby. There’s a complimentary welcome drink accompanied by Chinsuko, a traditional Ryukyuan confectionary when you check in.

The Kominka is a lovely place to stay, located in the middle of a community that still has the atmosphere from long ago. It’s quiet, with little traffic, so for those of you who want to get away from your everyday stress and relax, I recommend WarayunSO Matsutake in Tsuboya.


WarayunSO Matsutake-no Kominka
Address: 1-25-2 Tsuboya, Naha City, Okinawa
Rates: Whole House: 12,000-15,000 Yen (Maximum of 5 guests)
*Rate is current as of November 2018.
Telephone: 080-3982-2071

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Hiroshi Kuwamura