Okinawa Tourism Information:EnjoyaBBQandLotsofOtherFunatNaminoueUmisoraPark,Naha’sOneandOnlyBeach

Enjoy a BBQ and Lots of Other Fun at Naminoue Umisora Park, Naha’s One and Only Beach

post : 2019.02.28 12:00

In 2011, we saw the opening of the underwater Umisora Tunnel that connects Naha Airport and downtown Naha, and in 2013, the coastal neighborhoods of Wakasa and Tsuji was established as Naminoue Umisora Koen, a seaside park complex.

It’s located about 10 minutes away by car from Naha Airport and has two large (paid) parking lots. There are three nearby bus stops and the Naha Cruise Terminal is just a stone’s throw away. It’s also about 15 minutes away on foot from the Kencho-mae Station of the Yui Rail, a monorail system that operates in the urban area. The convenience and accessibility for travelers in whatever style is what makes this spot even greater.

The main feature of the park is Naminoue Beach, the only beach where you can swim in Naha City. The coral sand shines brilliantly under the Okinawan sun at this beach, where a huge Ryukyu limestone rock separates the Wakasa side (to the east) and Tsuji and the greenery area of Naminoue (to the west). When the tide is low, you can walk from one side to the other (during high tide, you’ll have to walk over a hill which takes a few minutes).

On both sides, you’ll find dressing rooms and washrooms, coin-operated lockers and showers. There’s a little shop on the Wakasa side where you can rent parasols and other beach stuff. They have what you need for a day of fun at the beach, and if you’re worried about the water quality due to its urban location, worry not. According to the water quality test conducted by the Okinawa Prefectural Government in the fiscal year 2017, the it received the ideal grade of AA! The clear waters are just as beautiful as the other beaches on the island, with the emerald-green glittering under the sun. The view is perfect for your SNS posts!

Available at the Tsuji side of the beach are SUP (stand up paddleboard) and SUP Yoga experiences (with fees). Beside it by the Naminoue greenery area is the Diving & Snorkeling Area where you can thoroughly enjoy the courses they have there, too (also with fees).

Within the large park area are various places to enjoy the sights and play, not just in the water. One of the most popular activities during the on-season is BBQ at three different places (at Naminoue Beach square on the Wakasa side, the square by the management office, and the area that extends out to the sea next to the Diving & Snorkeling Area. There are several businesses with varying business hours to choose from for your BBQ.).

There are pavilions with roofs at each of the places and you’ll see many locals enjoying their BBQ, too. When you come out towards the ocean, there are no roads to block your view to see the spectacular sunset. At night, the lights of the port twinkle, creating a romantic environment.

There are also other facilities and places of interest nearby. You’ll want to check out the Ryuchu dragon pillars, the monuments of Naha City, erected along the road next to Wakasa Seaside Park on the eastern end of the Wakasa side.

Behind the beach is Asahigaoka Park with an observation point (but you can’t see the ocean from here). Sitting proudly on the hill between Wakasa and Tsuji is the ancient and honorable Naminoue-gu shrine, first and most important of the Eight Shrines of Ryukyu.

Next to the Naminoue-gu shrine is Naminoue Gokoku temple, and a short distance towards downtown is the Tsushima Maru Memorial Museum. In addition, the huge structure to the west is Naha Umisora Tunnel Miegusuku Tower, which is also worth a visit.

For other facilities in the area, there are some diners in Wakasa and Tsuji area, as well as city hotels. And finally, when you go a few hundred meters from the coast, you’ll reach the Miegusuku castle ruins which is a sacred worship site. It’s a bit of a walk to reach it, but if you have time, why don’t you swing by?

If you’re looking to take photos at or of the beach, I recommend the morning hours. During the afternoon, too, when the weather is nice, the light shines beautifully from the promenade of the Naha Nishi Doro, for a very photogenic scenery.

The beach opening is the first Sunday of April every year, and the beach season goes into full swing and the park gets busy with people. In mid-April, the park gets especially busy as it’s one of the main venues for the annual Okinawa International Film Festival. Later, towards the end of May, the Okinawa International Triathlon 2019 is slated to take place, too. Throughout the year, the area hosts various sports events, music festivals and other fun events! I might add, too, that if your timing is right, you might see a magnificent luxury cruise ship docked at the Cruise Terminal on Wakasa side.

With the seas, foods, events and other great contents all at one park, this is the only place in Naha City that gives you everything you want. As soon as you arrive at the airport, just 10 minutes away is ‘chura umi’ or the beautiful ocean! I hope you’ll enjoy this luxury that Okinawa has to offer.


Naminoue Umisora Park
Address: 3-3-1 Tsuji, Naha City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-863-7300 (Management Office: Naha Sea Paradise Joint Venture)
Hours (Swimming hours at Naminoue Beach): 9:00 to 19:00 (July & August), 9:00 to 18:00 (April to June & September, October)
Open Daily
(Paid) Parking Available

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)