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You’ll Want to Wear Them Every Day♪ The Lovely Jewelry Discovered at [réunir] in Naha, Okinawa

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“I want to continue wearing it in five years, ten years, and 15 years from now.” That’s the kind of jewelry I found at réunir.

Situated in a quiet residential area in Wakasa, Naha City, is the jewelry shop, réunir. The interior of the shop was gentle and comfortable, and it felt as though the time passed by slower here.


Displayed in such an atmosphere are “jewelry you”ll love for a very long time,” selected by the owner, Mayumi Tsuhako. The selections have simple contours with delicate and sophisticated designs and are lovely for people of all ages, for all seasons, and without concern for whatever that may be trendy at the moment.

The name of the shop, réunir, is French for “connect” or “tie together”. This comes from Tsuhako-san’s wish “to bridge and connect the creators of the jewelry to those who wear them”.

These pieces shown above are made by accessory and engraving artists Kaori Hamamoto who does the metal works, and Tomokazu Hamamoto who works with lacquer. The husband and wife duo produces pieces under the brand name Atelier Hitosaji (spoonful), who creates accessories and art objects with the concept of “a spoonful of enrichment in our everyday lives”.

The brooch shown above uses the familiar motif of an Okinawan vegetable, Fuchiba (mugwort), inspired by the leaves and buds of the plant. This classy piece enhances a simple style of clothing.

The hair accessories shown above are produced by Atelier Saku, known for pieces with motifs of traditional Okinawan designs, plants, and scenery, created with silver or brass. The designs add a nice touch to your hairstyle.


The charms created by “cicafu metal works” have a unique presence and are lovely for necklaces and earrings, but also with your key as a keyring, or to accessorize your purse.

At réunir, they offer pieces created by artists based in Okinawa and also in other prefectures. After you purchase a piece from réunir, they do maintenance works as Tsuhako-san says, “Because the jewelry made by the artists with so much care, I hope that they will be worn for a long time.”

On the day I went to réunir for this article, I came across a simple and delicate bracelet that I loved the moment I saw it. “I’m going to cherish this for the rest of my life,” I thought, and bought it as a present for myself. In case the parts break or I need to have it repaired, I was reassured that they can take care of it right away.


They also remake other jewelry that you have, even if they were purchased from shops other than réunir.

Tsuhako-san attended a goldsmith training course offered at the crafts promotion center in Okinawa, where she acquired skills in jewelry making with silver, bronze, brass and other metals. She also attended a jewelry school and is able to melt the metals to remake a different design with an old piece of jewelry you may have, like a ring or pendant that you inherited. She can turn your mother’s diamond ring to earrings, as well.

There are customers who visit the shop with rings that don’t fit them anymore, or necklaces with old fashioned designs that they don’t wear anymore. Wouldn’t it be great to reawaken those precious but old treasures in your jewelry box and remake them into a piece of jewelry that’s one of a kind?


I feel that handmade jewelry has a spirit or life that is created at the hands of the jewelry maker. Like they’re not just for fashion but more of a charm to be close to us and give us that extra support…Maybe that’s because when I feel down or when I need a boost of confidence, whenever I wear my favorite jewelry I feel a heightened sense of energy♪

I hope you’ll pay a visit to réunir to encounter that special piece of jewelry you’ll want to wear all the time, for a long time.


Address: 1st Floor, 3-20-22 Wakasa, Okinawa City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-988-4661
Hours: 11:00 to 18:00
Closed: Wednesday s & Thursdays  

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Sachiko Tachi



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