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Heartwarming Hospitality! Okinawan Lodges You’ll Want to Stay

post : 2019.07.23 20:00

Around the end of March to April, Okinawa enjoys a very comfortable season when the weather and temperatures are pleasant. This just may be the time of year when many people catch the travel bug! In this article, we’ll be introducing some delightful lodges that offer more than a place to sleep, whenever you decide to visit Okinawa. These lodges have great charm and give visitors a chance to get up close and personal with the people and lifestyles of the locals. We hope you’ll add these lodges as candidates when choosing accommodations here on Okinawa.

Casa Viento: A Stylish Lodge on Iejima Island Run by an Artist Family

Casa Vienta is located on Iejima Island which is about a 30-minute ferry ride away from Motobu Town in northern Okinawa Island. The lodge is situated at the foot of Gusuku-Yama, the symbolic hill on Iejima that is known as Iejima Tacchu. Originally used as an art studio by the owners, the artistic exterior of Casa Vienta catches the eyes of all those who pass by. The interior has a comfortable and warm atmosphere from the wood used throughout the rooms. It really matches the warmth of the couple who own the lodge, the Kinjos, and you can see their great taste all through the facility.

On the first floor is a Japanese style hearth with tables and other furniture placed around it, making it an inviting space for guests to gather around and enjoy conversation. There’s an indoor swing at one corner for kids to swing on just in case they get bored or for fun on rainy days. The second floor has western and Japanese style tatami rooms, big enough for a couple of guests and also for large groups. The interior is very clean and the owners are very careful about maintaining a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, so the guests can make themselves at home, like a home away from home.

At one corner of the premises is a wonderful little café that offers a great view of their garden and the famous Iejima Tacchu. You can feel and enjoy the true essence of the island together with the open and liberating setting of Casa Viento, making your stay here a different from the ordinary and a delightfully relaxing travel experience.

Details on Casa Viento:
Address: 549 Higashieue, Ie Village, Kunigami, Okinawa
Telephone: 0980-49-2202

Minami Onna Tropical: A Lodge Run by a Baker! Delicious Breads for Breakfast

Minami Onna Tropical is located on the west coast of Okinawa Island, in Onna Village, popular with visitors and locals alike for its spectacular beaches. The exterior of this lodge is painted light blue and stands out beautifully against the blue of the Okinawan skies. The first floor is a space shared with the guests and the owners, Ono-san and their family. They’re a very heartwarming family and that’s one of the charms at Minami Onna Tropical. Their warm smiles are a kind of hospitality you may not find often. Many guests and their families become very good friends with the owners from their stay here.

On the premises, there is a rabbit house and a henhouse, and the simple and peaceful scenery and lifestyle offer a gentle and delightful joy in staying here, and you’ll enjoy the slower pace of time. There are three guestrooms in all, including a shared room. From the window in the private room at the corner of the building you’ll enjoy a great view of the seas at Yakatakatabaru, where the gradation of the blue hues is breathtaking.

One of the biggest charms about Minami Onna Tropical is their breakfast, where you can enjoy delicious breads made with natural yeast. This is possible because the lodge is operated by the same people who own Mugi-Yaki-ya, a popular bakery known for the stone oven-baked breads with natural yeast. We recommend you enjoy the great breads for breakfast at the eat-in space at one corner of the facility. You’ll surely be satisfied with the wonderful breads that you can enjoy while viewing the beautiful ocean.


Details on Minami Onna Tropical:
Address: 6486-3 Onna, Onna Village, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-966-8091

Goya-so: A 50-year-old residence turned lodging located in the nostalgic Shitamachi area of Okinawa City

Goya-so is located in a nostalgic neighborhood in Goya, Okinawa City, situated among the numerous houses that have likely housed many locals for decades. This quaint little lodge is in a building that has been standing unchanged for over 50 years. If you see a building with a cute painting of a Goya (bitter gourd), you’ve found Goya-so. The neighborhood lets visitors experience the lifestyles of the locals up close, “with a very local shopping arcade and also nearby is the building that housed the very last of the many public baths that once thrived throughout Okinawa. This is the real Okinawa,” explains the owner of Goya-so, Noshita-san, who’s originally from Nagasaki and also works as a travel guide.

There are three tatami rooms and two rooms with wooden flooring at Goya-so (private and shared rooms). The lodge welcomes guests for overnight stays without meals included, but there’s a shared kitchen for guests to cook up what they like. Their off-season rates are low and also at other times of the year, their rates are consistently very reasonable, too. If you’re looking for a place for long-stays on Okinawa, this may be the spot for you.

This old residence-turned-lodge is perfect for guests who are looking to experience living in Okinawa. Goya-so offers just that, the real Okinawa, without all the glitz and glam.


Details on Goya-so:
Address: 1-5-32 Goya, Okinawa City, Okinawa
Telephone: 050-1205-2758


That concludes the article and our introduction of the three delightful lodges on Okinawa. Their charms are in the comfortable home-like atmosphere and meeting the owners who create the setting. They’re great for families and group of friends to stay. Maybe you’ll find a place that’ll become like a second home for you on Okinawa!

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