Okinawa Tourism Information:AMagicalInnontheFootofIejimaTacchu“casaVIENTO”

A Magical Inn on the Foot of Iejima Tacchu “casa VIENTO”

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A building with a characteristic appearance like Antonio Gaudy standing on the foot of a hill Iejima Tacchu (Gusukuyama), the symbol of Iejima Island, is…wow…. it is a minshuku (inn).


The name of the inn is “casa VIENTO.”
That means “a house of wind” in Spanish language.

Well, let’s go inside of this fantastic inn, shall we?

When you go under the complicated-shaped arch embedded with pieces of Ryukyu glass, a mysterious space will come into your sight, which increases your excitement.

The front entrance curves upward and when you open a heavy door,…

 The owners of the inn, Mr. & Mrs. Kazuki and Hitomi Kinjo will welcome you.

Since the building has a really distinct design, you might feel difficult to access it.
However, the couple is sleek with impressively nice smiles.

Originally this building was built by the father of Mr. Kazuki Kinjo (a photo shop manager now) as atelier for making potteries.
As the couple also graduated from Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, we can say that they are an artistic family.
No wonder why this inn is such an artistic.



The second floor is for guest rooms, each of which creates a special kind of aura around its entrance.   

If you go into the room, you discover an impressively poised space. Other than a twin room, they have a large-sized room for families and groups.

The characteristics of this inn is that they have no TVs and that an irori (a type of traditional sunken hearth common in Japan) room on the first floor is designed for guests to friendly communicate with each other.
A swing in the room pleases children as well.

Also the irori room is furnished with a kitchen and a refrigerator, you can cook for yourself.


The café is available on the first floor.  Especially from a window seat, you can relax while enjoying the view of Iejima Tacchu standing in front of you.

Basically this inn is a self-catering accommodation. But you can prepare your own meals in the irori room or dine at a variety of restaurants and diners in the village.  So it seems no inconvenience.

In addition, upon your request, they can serve you a breakfast for an additional cost of 700 yen.   You can enjoy their healthy dish using mainly Iejima grown vegetables and no animal material. 

An excellent view of Iejima Tacchu in front of you
As there are few cars passing by and few houses around,
all you can hear is the sounds of cows, insects, and the wind."

Starry sky is beautiful at night.
Milky Way is amazing.
That makes your heart stand still.

The inn has an individualistic appearance, but if you want to spend relaxing holidays in the nature, casa Viento is perfect for you.


Address: 549 Aza-Higashi Ue, Ie Village, Kunigami County
TEL: 0980-49-2202
Accommodation Fee: 4,000 yen for one person
   3,500 yen per person for two or more persons
   2,500 yen for Elementary School Children and under
   (plus 500 yen for busy season)
Check-in Time: 15:00
Check-Out Time; 10:00
Official Website:

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