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Add Color to Your Living with Okinawan Trees “Okinawa Handcrafted Wooden Furniture Makkuru-Ya Workshop”

post : 2014.05.25 12:00

I would like to introduce you “Okinawa Handcrafted Wooden Furniture Makkuru-Ya Workshop,”where they craft fascinating furniture to appreciate the wood for what it is, using the Okinawa prefectural tree “Ryukyu Matsu (Ryukyu Island pine),” a tree of the Okinawa prefectural flower “Deigo (Indian coral bean),” “Sendan (China berry)”, “Kusunoki (camphor laurel),” etc.

“Makkuru-Ya Workshop” is located in a lush place in a remote district.

Speaking of furniture, I come up with the image of rectilinear furniture which beautifully fits everywhere, while every piece of furniture of Makkuru-Ya Workshop is creative.

“When one looks at a tree, everybody usually has the common image of a tree.
I want to keep the natural form of the wood, so I make little change to it. “
The charms of Makkuru-Ya Workshop furniture are a shape of using natural form of the wood and its beautiful curve.

Especially an interesting one is a piece of furniture using “Ryukyu Island pine.”
A strong, solid Ryukyu Island pine is a tree representing Okinawa as well as the Okinawa Prefectural tree.  Originally the Ryukyu
Island pines were planted as windbreak since Okinawa has experienced many typhoons or countermeasure of salt damage.  As the Ryukyu Island pines have become squiggle after being exposed to typhoons and sea breeze, they create unique line and beautiful grains.


 As you use the wood as furniture, the wood changes its color little by little and its grains come up to the surface thickly.
The beauty of the change year by year never gets an owner bored.  That is one of the fascinations of Ryukyu Island pine.
The craft of Makkuryu-Ya Workshop is to change the art produced from nature into a piece of furniture without losing a natural form of trees.

If you describe the appearance of their furniture, it is rather art than furniture.
They use the goodness of lines of a tree to craft totally-rounded furniture, which you feel gentleness of the wood and craftworkers from.
In addition, their target is “just like touching a baby’s skin;” the touch is so comfortable that it becomes your custom.
When you touch a desk or a chair, a fine, smooth, gentle touch makes you feel so comfortable that you do not want to stop it.

The shape, the grain of the wood as well as holes in the wood are all the lure of the wood.
All the pieces of furniture crafted by Makkuryuya Workshop show the former beauty and history of the wood… fantastic!

Of course, not only the appearance but also the comfortableness of use is developing by 1 mm every day.  Their furniture certainly creates a cozy space where you might want to stay long.  By crafting natural objects in a natural form, the furniture is nicely in tune with the living.

Makkuru-Ya Workshop is run by brothers, Satoshi-san (elder one) and Norio-san (younger one), mainly producing tables and chairs.
They are so friendly that when a customer visits, they start with chat over a tea, which is their business style.

Also when I visited the workshop, they stopped working to entertain me with a tea and sweets.
Through communication with a customer, they get to understand his or her personality and inspiration comes down to them. They have their own workflow through the small talk. Sometimes they talk with a customer very carefully for hours.
Then, they choose materials with the customer.  Actually their production starts with the small talk.

Once you place an order with them, you will have to wait for at least 3 months.  They don’t work overtime, so the delivery date of your order depends how busy they are with other customers’ orders before yours.
They take adequate time and plenty of materials for each production to produce the best one.

They want customers to use something good in quality for a long time, and their family or children come back here to buy one for them when they grow up.
Their furniture is never inexpensive, but when you think of their great care and carefully selected materials, it is not a costly purchase at all.

If you splash out and buy Makkuru-Ya furniture to add color to your home, your everyday life will be a little more exciting one.
That’s the furniture of Makkuru-Ya I recommend.

 “Okinawa Handcrafted Wooden Furniture Makkuru-Ya Workshop”

Address: 419-1 Maekawa, Tamagusuku, Nanjo City
TEL: 098-948-3379
Hours: 10:00~17:00
(We might be outside for delivery, so please call us before your visit.)
We are closed irregularly and take some holiday occasionally.
Parking: Available
Official blog:“Okinawa Handcrafted Wooden Furniture Makkuru-Ya Workshop”

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Taiki Gushiken