Okinawa Tourism Information:YukuiShurijo-MaeShoten(Naha)OffersaVarietyofRelaxationItemsforYourMindandBody

Yukui Shurijo-Mae Shoten (Naha) Offers a Variety of Relaxation Items for Your Mind and Body

post : 2020.01.26 20:00

Yukui Shurijo-Mae Shoten is located just in front of the Shurijo Castle Park, and opened its doors in 2017 as a sister shop to La Cucina, a soap studio-shops that have locations in Okinawa City and on Ukishima Street in Naha.

Inside the shop is a wide selection of soaps, bath salts, essential oils, and skin care products produced by La Cucina, as well as a variety of Okinawan folk art and foods.

The shop manager, Higa-san says, “We offer items that makes us think, I want that!” Higa-san’s personal recommendation is “Good Soap”, with 98% of its contents made with organic ingredients. This soap is made with evening primrose oils which have high moisturizing effects, and argan oil that is known for its high vitamin E content. These and other oils that are highly effective in skin care are blended and matured over two months (using the cold method), and then vacuum sealed and matured for a further two years.

When prepared over a long period of time like these soaps, they become milder and the soap lathers well, and are gentle to use. Every time you use it, you’ll be embraced with the sweet and fresh scents of geraniums and lavender and will fill you with joy. Quantity is limited for this product so be sure to pick it up when you see them.

With over 32,000 packages sold so far, the most popular merchandise at Yukui Shurijo-Mae Shoten is their “Gettoh and Kucha Soap”. Gettou or Ginger Lily is one of Okinawa’s major herbs and are known for its anti-bacterial effects, and Kucha is an Okinawa word for “mud”. With its excellent absorption qualities, this product helps to cleanse dirt out of your pores. On the packaging is an illustration of Shureimon gate at Shurijo Castle, whish is also printed on the 2,000 yen notes. This special packaging is only available here.


After returning home from your trip to Okinawa, you can still enjoy your resort experience through these products, “Ofuro de Shima Meguri (touring the islands in your bathtub)”. They’re bath salts made with sea salt from the waters off the five Okinawan islands (the main Okinawa Island, Ishigaki, Miyako, Kumejima, and Aguni Islands). These bath products are all-natural, even using natural ingredients for their scents and colors. For example, you can enjoy rosemary, grapefruit, and basil scents from Ishigaki Island, lavender and rosemary from Kumejima, and rose geraniums and eucalyptus from Aguni Island.
When you want to shake that heavy, blue feeling, or when you want to be filled with a peaceful, comforting feel, or you just simply want to relax…you can enjoy selecting what you want according to how you feel.

You can also purchase Chinsuko by Arakaki Kami confectionary company which were served at the tearoom in Shoin and Sasunoma within the Shurijo Castle before.

The texture is delightful, crispy and delicious♪ With a light and refined taste, many customers say, “These are unlike the other Chinsuko we’ve eaten. They taste great.” They offer two varieties, plain and brown sugar, and the brown sugar flavor uses pure brown sugar from Hateruma Island and are not overly sweet. It has a slight touch of bitterness that makes it a sophisticated enjoyment.


The shop is laid out comfortably because its owner wished for people to “take their time and enjoy shopping here”. With the lovely scents of essential oils and soaps, and the spacious layout, you can’t help but enjoy being there, and it makes you feel like you’re being cleansed from inside out.

For those visitors looking for a refined selection of Okinawan souvenirs, I recommend a stop at Yukui Shurijo-Mae Shoten. You’ll not only find great souvenir and gift items, but items you’ll want for yourself, too.


Yukui Shurijo-Mae Shoten
Address: 2-1-1 Shuri Mawashi-cho, Naha City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-886-6039
Hours: 10:00 to 18:00
Closed: Wednesdays

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Sachiko Tach