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Outer Islands of Okinawa Recommended for Solo Trips

post : 2020.03.26 08:00

Vacations with good friends or with family are great, but “solo trips” where you can enjoy a leisurely time at your own pace, is also fantastic. One of the merits of traveling alone is the time to really get to know yourself. Some of you may be asking, “But don’t you get a little lonesome traveling alone?” To that, we say, give it a try. It might give you a chance to discover a new and different you.


A Time to Reflect on the Sacred Island of Kudaka


Kudaka Island is just 15 minutes away on a rapid boat from the main island of Okinawa, and is known as a “power spot’ by many people. It is often referred to as “the island of gods” or “the closest island to Nirai Kanai (a paradise or heaven, in Okinawan legend)”. The island has been revered by the locals for centuries and is still looked upon as a very special place. This is why there are strict rules when visiting the island that you’ll have to remember, and one of them is “to never take anything, including plants and other living and non-living things from the island”.

The circumference of the island is 8km, and we recommend you rent a bicycle to take you around the island.

You can tour the whole island in about two hours, pedaling at a relaxed pace. The island is embraced by a comfortable calmness, and is a great place to visit especially if you’re looking to find a peaceful place to think and reflect. Many people visit the island for a day trip, but there are three Minshuku lodges where you can spend the night, too. How about a visit to this sacred island and recharge your body and mind as you bathe in the morning sunlight?


Some of the Most Beautiful Seas in the World are Found in Okinawa Prefecture

The next spot we recommend is Tokashiki Island, a beautiful place that’s about 35 minutes away on a rapid ferry (or one hour and ten minutes by regular ferry) from Okinawa Island. It was designated as a national park in 2014, and more and more people are visiting the island to enjoy the wonderful environment. As you reach the island, you’ll be welcomed by the breathtaking ocean, with its blue and emerald-green gradation of colors. The beauty of the sea at Tokashiki Island is awe inspiring. 

Tokashiki Island is surrounded by amazingly transparent waters, and a spot that we especially recommend is Aharen Beach. It’s a very popular snorkeling spot as the coral reef point is close in distance from the beach and the water is not too deep. Through your goggles, you’ll be treated to a peek into the extraordinary and wonderful world under the seas…Why don’t you take a dip and soothe your mind with sights that’ll let you leave behind your everyday worries?

On clear days, when the sun goes down, the skies above is exploding with countless stars. A sight you definitely won’t see in the city. If you’re looking to forget about the time and simply relax and enjoy yourself, this is the island you’ll want to visit.


Hateruma Island, Japan’s Southernmost Inhabited Island

The last island on our list is Hateruma Island, an inhabited island located at the southernmost end of Japan. It is known for its night skies, where you are able to observe 84 out of the 88 constellations that shine above us. Here, you’ll also see the Southern Cross, a sight you won’t see in other parts of Japan.

The charm of Hateruma Island doesn’t end at its starry skies. The clear blue sky and the seas during the day, and the colors at sunset are all spectacular that you’ll never be bored at their beauty.

We hope you’ll visit Hateruma and feel the comfortable sea breeze that flow across the island, and take in the beauty that changes throughout the day. The enchanting sights will dissipate all your worries and stress.

We hope you enjoyed our introduction of the outer islands of Okinawa that we recommend for solo trips. Did you find an island you’d like to visit? Spending time with lots of people can be fun, but making time for yourself to think about various issues that life throws at us, and to think about our future, is also very helpful. For your next trip to Okinawa, why not island hop to one of these recommended islands?

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