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For Your Christmas Meal on Okinawa!
Delicious Fares Recommended for Christmas

post : 2020.12.13 07:00

As December arrives, the cities are engulfed in the mood of Christmas, with sparkling lights twinkling in the evenings. How do you usually spend December 25 every year? People in Japan may spend their Christmas a little different than people around the world. For example, in the States, friends and relatives get together and enjoy their time over a turkey or roast beef dinner. On the other hand, in Italy, people commonly enjoy fish and panettone (Italian sweet bread). And in Japan, many usually enjoy a dinner with fried chicken and a shortcake for dessert. So, in today’s article, we’ll be introducing great establishments we recommend to make your Christmas on Okinawa a memorable one.


Serving Chicken for 30 Years!

How about a enjoying tastes offered by a shop with a very long history?

First in our recommendation is Bueno Chicken, a specialty shop cherished by the Okinawans for many years that serves whole roasted chicken. Ever since they were established in 1982, Bueno Chicken has stayed true to their dedication to serving only chicken. They’re so famous in Okinawa that you’ll probably have a hard time finding people who haven’t tried their chicken.

The chicken they use are young Yanbaru Chicken, which are marinated in a secret sauce containing garlic, vinegar, and oregano before being roasted nice and slow over about two hours. Stuffed inside the chicken is an amazing amount of garlic! The garlic in the Bueno Chicken are known for not giving us that garlic breath afterwards, so you can enjoy it without worrying about “smelling garlicky” for work or before a date.

They often sell out just from reservations alone on Christmas, so if you’re hoping to have Bueno Chicken for Christmas dinner, make your reservations early.


Information on Bueno Chicken, Urasoe Location

Address: 1-14-2 Uchima, Urasoe City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-876-0452


Cake with a Gentle Taste, Made with Special Attention to the Ingredients

Christmas in Japan simply isn’t complete without a cake. Here, we’d like to introduce Patisserie JoieJoie326, located in Yomitan Village. “Joie” means “joy” in French, and the shop is named with double Joie with hopes that people will ‘have joy together”.

The ingredients used in their cakes are very carefully selected, as their concept was “to make pastries that we can give to our young children without worry”. The eggs, for example, are from free-range chicken, and the sugar they use is not refined but they use mineral-rich cane sugar. The cakes offered here are great and worry-free for all ages, young and old, and they offer a gentle and tender enjoyment.

They offer special cakes for a limited time over Christmas, like heart-shaped shortcakes, Buche de Noel using chocolate cream, and Mont Blanc using choux pastry buns, so definitely check them out.


Information on Patisserie JoieJoie326

Address: 1F Higa Apartment, 1094 Sobe, Yomitan Village, Nakagami, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-989-7326

That was our introduction of two establishments for those spending Christmas on Okinawa. Christmas only comes once a year. Let’s make it a memorable one with a delicious meal and dessert, and special presents for your loved ones.

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