Okinawa Tourism Information:MarvelousVistafromTopofHillinNakijinVillage&AuthenticLip-SmackingTreatsUsingLocalIngredients“TheGreenRoomcafe&restaurant”

Marvelous Vista from Top of Hill in Nakijin Village & Authentic Lip-Smacking Treats Using Local Ingredients “The Green Room cafe & restaurant”

post : 2014.06.01 18:00

In the mountain area of Nakijin Village, which is known for the World Heritage Site “Nakijin Castle Site”in the north of Motobu Peninsula, you can find many cafes built because intact nature still remains strong there.  Among them, “The Green Room cafe & restaurant”fascinates visitors with an overwhelmingly dynamic vista from the restaurant.  Since its opening in April, 2012, they have not given it considerable publicity, the shop was hardly shown in a magazine nor on TV, so it is a hideaway café & restaurant, and many of their customers are repeat customers.

The charm of the restaurant is not only the excellent location but the especially good taste created by a veteran chef who was an owner chef at a popular restaurant in Naha. 

Of course, they use the ingredients grown in Okinawa, especially in the local, Nakijin Village.   

No less important is the fact that they use freshly-caught ingredients. 

The most popular menu item is “Agu Hamburger”(1,000 yen for individual order, 1,300 yen for a set with dessert and drink)

Using umami (the savory flavor) of agu pork, a traditional breed of Ryukyuan black pig, which is well known for its excellent red meat, he cooks a hamburger fully and soft at a perfect heat to produce juicy hamburger.  The agu hamburger creates a burst of happiness in your mouth.  In addition, a sunny-side up egg, seasonable vegetable salad, butter saute of shimeji mushrooms, umukuji (purple-colored sweet potato) tempura, etc. come along on the plate.

If you are hungry, pasta is recommended.  “Carbonara Cooked in a Cappuccino style” (1,000 yen for individual order, 1,300 yen for a set with soup, salad, dessert, and drink) creates a good combination of a distinctive flavor of rich, gentle creamy egg sauce cooked in a Cappuccino style (whipped very finely) and thick pasta.  Rich-flavored pancetta and fresh, sharply-cut onion accentuate the taste and satisfy your stomach.

Inside of the restaurant (about 165 m2 ), 36 seats are prepared. Stylish interior goods and sundries decorated everywhere look shining to your eyes. 

In addition, the restaurant sells distinctive handmade accessories of a band “Chill”by a French artist living in Bali.

A black-painted, modern building makes a beautiful contrast with lush green and a distant view of ocean. And yet it is fascinating that it stands perfectly comfortably.

A perfect open feeling between you, the great nature, and ocean view, an excellent cuisine cooked by a first-rank chef using locally-grown ingredients, a very stylish, comfortable space,…all of which make their repeat customers want to come back here.

I can understand that very well.

The Green Room cafe & restaurant

Address: 2088-9, Shoshi, Nakijin Village 
TEL: 0980-56-5941
Hours: 11:30〜18:00(L.O)
Closed on Tuesdays
Parking: Available


Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)