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Enhance Your Every Day with
Great Taste & Kindness

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There are many ways to enjoy our “time at home” but one of the best and quickest ways to indulge in a little extra pleasure is by getting something delicious to eat. Having some bread and a few ready-to-eat side dishes, accompanied with a nice bottle of wine can give you that delightful feeling of dining out, but enjoying it all in the comforts of home. Doesn’t that sound great?

The Apple Town shopping center in Naha houses a supermarket, fitness gym, hot yoga studio, toy store, drug store, and a selection of restaurants. In December of 2020, a new addition was introduced to this convenient complex: DELICATESSEN TRUNQ.

“A tastier and kinder every day” is the concept of this wonderful establishment that offers various types of bread, prepared side dishes, and packed Bento boxes. The head chef of DELICATESSEN TRUNQ, Yuki Takemura says, “In the foods that we offer every day, we make a point of choosing ingredients that are good for the body. As much as possible, we choose pesticide-free fruits and vegetables, and we are very careful about using only minimal amounts of synthetic seasonings.”

At their baked goods counter, they always have around 15 varieties of bread, all deliciously arranged with ingredients from around Okinawa. These include the “Shrimp & Semi-Dried Tomato Genovese” which has basil grown in Itoman, and using EM (effective microorganisms) eggs, they offer “EM Eggs & Bacon Pizza” and “EM Eggs & Truffle Mushroom Sandwich,” and others. You’ll also find a nice selection of sweetbreads like “Miyako Island Churakoibeni (sweet potato) & Ricotta Cheese Brioche” and other tasty choices.

Their signature bread is “SALT,” a salt bread made with ingredients like coarse salt from Itoman and organic butter made in Takachiho, Miyazaki Prefecture. The dough is left to slowly rise over a long period which gives a fine, fluffy texture to the bread. The outside is crispy and crunchy while the inside is delightfully moist and fluffy. The rich aroma of butter is simply irresistible.

Another popular choice is “AIR,” the baguettes offered fresh out of the oven every morning at 10.

The contrast of the aromatic and crunchy crust and the moist and chewy crumb of their baguettes are wonderful, and they say this is achieved by letting the dough rest overnight.


In the refrigerated zone, they have a great selection of prepared side dishes and Bento boxes.
The “Kensan Kajiki Fry Bento,” with fried Okinawan marlin tuna, and “Oretachino (our) Hamburg Bento” are delicious and filling, and they also have healthier choices like their steamed chicken salad bowl with 15 varieties of vegetables. The lineup of delicious foods is sure to satisfy anyone.

Their salad bowl is popular especially among women, attracting people because you can enjoy a highly nutritious meal in a convenient little package. The salad bowl contains curly lettuce, red-leafed “sunny” lettuce, potherb mustard leaves, Treviso chicory, carrots, purple cabbage, bell peppers, barley, mushrooms, Japanese mustard spinach, beans, tender and moist chicken prepared at low temperatures, and other wonderful ingredients. Takemura-san explains, “We want people to feel and enjoy the seasons through their meals, so we’ll continue to use seasonal vegetables as much as we can. We also hope that people will become even more familiar with Okinawan produce and think, ‘This is a great new way to enjoy this ingredient!’ We want to offer variations in combining different ingredients and in preparation methods.”

They also offer a wide selection of natural wines like the recently popular Bio and Nature.

The manager, Yoichiro Kai, says, “We decided to open during these recent times when people are refraining from going out because we heard so many people say, ‘I want to go out, but for now, we have to be patient.’ So, on those days that you miss going out like before, we hope you’ll come by and pick up something delicious and enjoy the tastes of a good restaurant at home.”

They offer takeout for now but are planning to start a delivery service soon, too. Enjoying the delightful tastes of a restaurant in the comfortable surroundings of your own home (and at a reasonable price, too) will surely make your home-time even more wonderful.


Address: 1F Apple Town Shopping Center, 3-3-1 Omoromachi, Naha City. Okinawa
Telephone: 098-960-2241
Hours: 9:00 to 20:30
Open Year-Round

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Sachiko Tachi 


沖縄県那覇市おもろまち3-3-1 あっぷるタウン1F