Okinawa Tourism Information:[IchigusukuMode]OpensItsNewShopNear730Intersection!

[Ichigusuku Mode] Opens Its New Shop Near 730 Intersection!

post : 2022.01.31 02:00

Inspired by the rich nature and lifestyles of the people on Ishigaki Island in Okinawa Prefecture, Ichigusuku Mode (Co., Ltd.) has opened its new location near the 730 Intersection. The company is known for its clothing and art panels that are truly unique and full of originality.

Designer, Yasutake Ikeshiro, is originally from Ishigaki Island. After graduating from the Department of Human Sciences, Faculty of Law and Letters at the University of the Ryukyus, he traveled to study abroad in London. After returning to Japan, he began making silk-screen prints, and in 2011, established his company, Ichigusuku Mode, in Ishigaki City.

(Photo, courtesy of Ichigusuku Mode)

Madoka Kohama, who is in charge of the sewing, is also from Ishigaki Island. After her studies in Fashion at the Sugino Fashion College, she stayed on as an assistant at the college after graduation. She then returned to Ishigaki Island and began working for Ichigusuku Mode. She does everything from making patterns for their clothing including shirts and one-piece dresses, and the sewing production.

(Photo, courtesy of Ichigusuku Mode)

Ichigusuku Mode began its operations at the house where Ikeshiro-san was born, located just a short distance from the main shopping area on the island. It was both the atelier and shop for Ichigusuku Mode, but after a while, having the production area together where their customers came to shop became a little too limiting. And so, the search began for a fitting spot for a new shop a few years ago, somewhere near the central part of Ishigaki Island, around the 730 Intersection. Finally, Ikeshiro-san found exactly what he was hoping for.

Taking the number 730 from the name of the crossing, the new shop opened on July 30. (The name of the intersection, 730, is taken from the date, July 30, 1978, when all the roads in Okinawa Prefecture, Ishigaki Island included, switched from driving on the right-hand side to the left-hand side. To commemorate this day, there is a monument, the 730 Monument, erected at the 730 Intersection.)

“This area was always lively, even since I was a kid. To me, this is the navel of Ishigaki Island,” says Ikeshiro-san, who always knew that if he were to open his shop, it would be in this area.

“The other reason why I wanted to open a new shop was that I wanted space to display the large silk-screen works,” Ikeshiro-san explains as he directs his gaze to the pieces hanging on the wall. The pieces are all about 1m x 1m in size, and each one is very impressive.

Designs of Ishigaki Island


“As you can see, I like patterns. I apply designs of what I see in my life on the island. Take this “Banasai (banana)” design, for example. The bananas we see at the markets are sold in smaller bunches, but the bananas we see on the island are much bigger bunches (made up of what are known as “hands”) with numerous layers of bananas.”

“This shirt is designed with the wings of a large tree nymph butterfly. The large tree nymph is known to be one of the largest species of butterflies in Japan, but when we humans look at them, they’re not that big. But if we were to look from the eyes of other species of butterflies, I think their wings would look as large as this design on this shirt,” Ikeshiro-san spoke, as he picked up the shirt with sizeable wings of a large tree nymph printed at the front.

The designs created from Ikeshiro-san’s distinctive vision and imagination capture the essence of Ishigaki Island, in every way. The unique designs with great originality are what make Ichigusuku Mode.


With the opening of the new shop, Ikeshiro-san has managed to make more time to engage in his creations in a suitable environment, and for his next goal, he says, “I want to produce new designs with more speed. Like when I first started the company, Ichigusuku Mode, I want to get into creating with more gusto. I want to get that feeling back, and face my creativity head-on to produce new designs.”

When Ikeshiro-san spoke about his future goals, he was genuine and looked very happy. “To me, Ishigaki Island is the best place to create. When I’m nervous and tense, I can’t create great things. When I’m here on Ishigaki Island, I’m relaxed and I feel the drive to create.”

Wishes Stitched in Their Clothing


Clothing made by Ichigusuku Mode is inspired by the rich nature and culture of Ishigaki Island. They are carefully stitched with “Kafu-nu-kin” (meaning “clothes of happiness” in the language of the Yaeyamas). Visit the shop and find a piece that’s just right for you. Then, step outside and feel the dynamic energy of Ishigaki Island, and let the wishes of the clothes from Ichigukusu Mode work their magic.

“May countless joys reach you.”


Ichigusuku Mode 730 Intersection Location
Address: 3 Misaki-cho, Ishigaki City, Okinawa 907-0012
Telephone: 070-8428-3358
Hours: 11:00 to 19:00
Closed: End & Beginning of the Year

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Akiko Mizuno.