Okinawa Tourism Information:DelightfullyFluffy♪Kakigori(shavedice)from[KannaPlus(inChatanTown)]isBurstingwithFruitiness

Delightfully Fluffy♪ Kakigori (shaved ice) from [Kanna Plus (in Chatan Town)] is Bursting with Fruitiness

post : 2022.07.31 23:00

When we want to cool down in the sweltering heat of summer in Japan, Kakigori or Japanese shaved ice may be one of the most popular choices.

If you’re looking for “an oasis to blast away the heat,” look no further than Kanna Plus, located along the Miyagi coast in Okinawa’s Chatan Town.

Tanaka-san, the owner of Kanna Plus, has been in the shaved ice business for 14 years. Originally, they owned a Kakigori specialty shop in Sangenjaya in Tokyo, but always dreamt of “opening a Kakigori shop in Okinawa where the weather is warm throughout the year.” With that, Tanaka-san decided to move to Okinawa. Many new shops offering Kakigori have opened up in recent years, but when Tanaka-san first arrived here, there were very few Kakigori specialty shops on the island. They opened Kanna Plus hoping “to offer a place for the residents of Okinawa to enjoy the delightful tastes of Kakigori.”

The great variety of shaved ice offered at Kanna Plus is all fantastic to the very last drop. That’s because the balance between their fluffy shaved ice and their homemade syrups is simply perfect.

They always have 15 varieties on their menu to choose from, offering tastes of Okinawa and fresh seasonal ingredients. They also offer “Today’s Special Kakigori” made with seasonal fruits, and also smaller portions called “Otameshi (taste-test) Kakigori.” With all the different and wonderful choices available, deciding on what to order is one dilemma that you’ll certainly enjoy.

One of the most popular choices among tourists is Okinawan Mango. The mangoes used for this shaved ice are from Yaese Town in the southern region of the island. The pureed mango sauce drenched on the shaved ice is rich and marvelous.

The Okinawan Mango is topped with a dollop of mascarpone which completes the beautiful presentation and also adds a smooth mouthfeel and depth in flavor. This is a highly satisfying choice and you’ll understand why it’s popular once you taste it.

Another popular choice among the regulars is the Okinawan Dragon Fruit, Yogurt & Tankan. The brilliant shade of pink from the dragon fruits is very eye-catching.


There is a luxurious amount of sauce made with a blend of dragon fruit and yogurt on the outside, and as you dig inside the mound of ice, you’ll find it has a wonderful Tankan citrus sauce.

The fun texture of the dragon fruit seeds, the delightful appearance of a tropical treat, and the sweet and tangy flavors of the ingredients make this choice one of the best.

One of the things that they are particular about at Kanna Plus is to not make their syrups too sweet, as this may take away from the natural flavors of the ingredients. Even if you find your shaved ice slushy towards the end, you can grab a straw and enjoy it to the very last drop.


Inside the shop, you’ll find that the air conditioner isn’t blasting like many shops on the island, but instead, the comfortable sea breeze flows in from the opened windows. This is so that the customers enjoying their Kakigori inside won’t feel chilly after finishing their bowls of shaved ice. During the hottest days of summer, it can be a little hard on the body as we go about our day from the sweltering heat outside to the chilly, air-conditioned indoors, so I appreciated this thoughtfulness.

The Kakigori shaved ice offered at Kanna Plus are rich in flavor and delightfully refreshing. How about dropping by and enjoying this fantastic taste of summer?


Kanna PLus
Address: 1-722 Miyagi, Chatan Town, Nakagami, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-988-5688
Hours: From 12:00 ~
Closed: Irregularly (Please check their Instagram)    


Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Sachiko Tachi