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Shopping OK! Relaxation OK! Staying OK! Unknown Power of Hybrid Organic Shop “Bio MIMI”

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Driving north on Highway 58 about 100 km from Naha, you will find a log house “Organic shop Bio MIMI” standing alone on the hill of the Okuma area, which is the center of Kunigami Village in the northernmost part of mainland Okinawa.  

As the name suggests, “Organic shop Bio MIMI” deal in a wide variety of organic*-related items such as food, shampoo, detergent, essential oil, cosmetics, sundries.

* organic: organic cultivation or an agricultural method of getting soil into good shape
using non-chemical, pesticide-free methods.)

They have a constant passion on product selection.  Based on the global environment, they put importance on the fair trade between producers and consumers.  Also it is essential that they provide “becquerel free food” (radiation contamination is removed as much as possible).  Many of the food won endorsements from venerable accreditation organizations from mainland Japan and abroad.  We never use “fake organic products,” which flood the domestic market, and acquire a good reputation from customers on our selection of safe products.

Well, you might find it is nothing different from organic shops on mainland Japan, but they provide, of course, locally-produced items.  The best recommended product is “Morioka Strawberry Farm Jam” (950 yen for 150 g) in Aha community on the eastern coast of Kunigami Village.  Strawberries are usually considered difficult for organic cultivation but organic fertilization and open culture helps condense the savory flavor and sweetness of strawberries.  This is an excellent product which you can enjoy a rich flavor of strawberries grown in Kunigami Village at home.

In addition, about-10-cm wide, handmade felt patches we introduced you before in Okinawa CLIP, “Yanbarukuina (Okinawan rail) Patch” (1,300 yen) and “Akashoubin (ruddy kingfisher) Patch” (1,500 yen) made by an artist in Motobu Town, Ms. Miwa Okuno are perfect for your souvenirs. 

(The photo was provided by Bio MIMI.)

Above all, the most popular one is yachimun (Okinawan word meaning “pottery”) with a motif of face of about 2 cm diameter, “Konkonbe” (500 yen for extra small size), which is made by an pottery artist based in the neighboring village, Higashi Village.  Each has homely, different expression.  If you put it in your pocket, you might feel your “Konkonbe” would bring you a good luck.  This is something to help you to unwind.

The owner of “Bio MIMI,” Ms. Miyuki Nakano, moved from Kanagawa to Okinawa to live in March, 2011 and opened the shop in October in the same year.

She is also an expert with a certificate of “AEAJ Aroma Therapist.”  The shop has a bed space to provide relaxation menu items using aroma treatment as well as to offer intensive course for to get a license for aroma therapists or aroma instructors.  Students come from Naha City and Ginoawn City, etc.  Even from mainland Japan, some come to take an intensive course. 

It is note worthy that they provide accommodation service. Especially their original Okinawa cuisine mainly using local organic produce is their specialty vegetarian dish in which they don’t use meat as much as possible.  Dinner for that day included more than 10 satisfying items (clockwise from the upper-right corner) “Nabera (or hechima (in Japanese) meaning sponge gourd) no Miso Ni (Sponge Gourd Braised in Miso Sauce),””Papaya Sald,” ”Okinawan mozuku (seaweed),” ”Mixed Rice of Forbidden rice and Sticky Millet,” ”Miso Soup with Yushidoufu,” (from the front on the plate) “Goya (bitter gourd) Champru (stir-fry) using Tempeh (Indonesian fermented soybeans) instead of meat,” “Deeply-fried Eggplants with andansuu (Miso spread with greasy pork) topping” “Ninjin Shirishiri (stir-fried shredded carrot)”, “tapioca andangii (deeply-fried tapioca) grown in Ogimi Village.”  It would be your wonderful memory for its safe ingredients as well as carefully and mildly seasoned dishes. Plus, breakfast mainly using seasonal fruit and homemade yogurt promises that you will start a healthy day.

A hybrid shop, which is rare in Okinawa, “Bio MIMI” specializes in organic produce as well as provides relaxation programs, aroma therapy lessons, and accommodation service.  It is a quality-oriented and fully-functioned shop I found deep in the mountain in Yanbaru.  You might not want to miss the shop as a souvenir shopping as well as a key center for your tour in the northern Okinawa region.

Organic shop Bio MIMI

Address: 262 Okuma, Kunigami Village
TEL: 098-041-3733
Hours: 9:00~18:00
They are closed irregularly and take some holiday occasionally.

Accommodation: 7,000 yen per adult (for one night and two meals)
* Reservation is required up to 7 days before your visit.

Official Website:

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer   Kiwamu Ogawa(Qey Word)