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Blue Sea of “Kerama Blue” Aharen Beach

post : 2014.06.27 12:00

Okinawa has so many beautiful beaches.

Particularly the water around the Kerama Islands, which was designated as “The Kerama Islands National Park” in March, 2014, is so gorgeous that people call it “Kerama Blue.”

You will be surprised to see such cobalt blue water around the outlier islands not so far from Okinawa Main Island.

The recommended beach on Tokashiki Island, one of the Kerama Islands is Aharen Beach.  Aharen Community is just a 20-minute car ride from the port on Toakashiki Island.  You can get there by bus or shuttle bus service provided by minshuku inns.

Also day trippers can pay for the ride on a minshuku shuttle bus.
(* Please contact a minsuku for the ride in advance.)  

There is a lookout at the edge of Aharen Beach, where you can look out over the whole beach.

A small deserted island in front of you is “Shibugaki Island.”

This is Japan’s only island named after an idle group.

More importantly, the charm of Aharen Beach is a short reach to coral reefs from the beach, where you can enjoy fascinating coral reefs teeming with tropical fish while snorkeling in the not so deep area. 

Clownfish known as “Nemo” live in sea anemone.  Their cute presence brings great comfort to you.

In addition, the night at Aharen Beach is so fantastic as you can see in this picture.
The Milky Way is just stunning.

The beach entertains you with different beauties night and day.
So it is highly recommended that you spend “the island time” relaxing on the beach.

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