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Let’s Watch Zamami Yacht Race!

post : 2014.06.30 23:00

Speaking of a marine sport event on Zamami Island, “Sabani Race” is famous; however, an event called “Zamami Yacht Race” is as big as “Sabani Race.”

The event celebrates its 37th anniversary this year and is scheduled for Saturday, July 5.

The yacht race with a course of 28 miles (about 52 km) starts in Ginowan Marina and cuts through the Kerama Channel toward their goal, Zamami Island

The motive power for yachts is just wind.  Sailors spread big sails to catch the wind for running on the water.  All you hear is not engine sound but just sounds of wind and wave.

It is incredibly graceful and attractive to sail peacefully over a boundless expanse of sea.

You can watch an occasion where dozens of large-sized yachts sail over Kerama blue seas from mainland Okinawa side, so I would highly recommend you observe it.

The observation point on mainland Okinawa is around Ginowan Marina.

According to the size of yachts, yachts start at different times.

There are mainly two classes.  Class I starts at 8:30 AM and Class II at 9:00 AM.

From 30 minutes before start, each class sailors go around the start line to vie for positions until last minute before the start and try to get a perfect timing at the start signal.  Watching these occasions are also highlights of this event.

On the goal side, Zamami Island, the fastest yacht might arrive after 12:30, you could get to Zamami Island to give them a cheer or observe the race.

An express ferry to Zamami departs at Tomari Port in Naha (9:00 Naha / 9:50 Zamami) or a large ferry (10:00 Naha / 12:00 Zamami).  After arriving at Zamami Port, please directly go to Furuzamami Beach by bus departing at the port.  The best observation point on the island is Furuzamami Beach.

Before yachts cross the finish line, they go around near Furuzamami Beach.  It is so dynamic and worth watching yachts run just beside the beach side!

Please come to enjoy the yacht race that fires your spirit of romantic adventure around the sea.


“The 37th Zamami Yacht Race”

Date: Saturday, July 5
Start Point: Off Ginowan Marina
(Class I: Starts at 8:30 / Class II: Starts at 9:00)
Finish Point: Agenashiku Island, uninhabited island near Zamami Island
* For observation, Furuzamami Beach on Zamami Island is highly recommended.
(After 12:30, yachts are scheduled to finish a race in sequence.)

* Official Website:

* Ferry Time Table to Zamami Island (As of June, 2014):

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