Okinawa Tourism Information:“YagajiBeachCampingGround”QuietNightonthegoodoldOkinawan“Beach”

“Yagaji Beach Camping Ground” Quiet Night on the good old Okinawan “Beach”

post : 2014.07.02 23:00

As you know, Yagaji Island in Nago City, which is located next to Kouri Island and connected to mainland Okinawa by bridge, is a homely island 16 km in circuit. 

“Yagaji Beach” in a distinct location is sandwiched between scenic Haneji Inland Sea, that has been also called as “Matsushima in Okinawa” and deep lazuline East China Sea.  “Yagaji Beach” also has a camp site and has been popular among local people for its reasonable price since more than 50 years ago, during U.S. ruling period. 

Turn left on Highway 58 and take the bridge at Highway 110 to cross to Yagaji Island, you will shortly find a sign, which is a landmark.

At the reception center with a kiosk, you can buy drinking water, charcoal, instant cup noodles, and such other items as well as rent a BBQ set and a tent.  (Please contact them about the prices.)

An about 10,700 tsubo (about 3.531 hectares) site which has beautifully-maintained grass and full of sense of openness houses an auto camp ground that holds 40 cars (about 130 persons) and 3 bungalows, which is good for family (Reservations are required at least 3 working days before departure.).  Of course, there are shared showers (paid), so you can play around the water all of the time.

Many people enjoy fishing on the shore, and in autumn, you can rent a boat for Sillago fishing.

The sea with shoals, which looks like as if it continued as far as “Nirai Kanai (Okinawan word meaning “utopia or the other world”), is so sedate throughout the year that you can enjoy digging clams in a leisure manner. 

Gravel walk appears at low tide and link Yakaji Island directly to an uninhabited island.  You can enjoy a sense of little exploration.

During the night, the gate to the beach is closed, so no more cars or people come in.  You can simply enjoy the absolute tranquility unique to a remote island. 

If the weather is fine, you will be fascinated by a starry sky.

This kind of Okinawan good old “beach” cannot be found in any resort areas.  Please find your only Okinawan time in a different world, which makes you feel as if you slipped back in time.

Yagaji Beach Camping Ground

Address: 143, Yaga, Nago City
TEL: 0980-52-8123
Hours: 8:00 till Sunset
Check-In Time: 10:00 to 19:00 / Check-Out Time: 15:00
We are closed irregularly.
Parking : Available (600 yen)

Camping Fee:
Adults: 600 yen (Elementary school students and older)
Children: 300 yen (3 years old or older)
Tent Rental Fee: 1,500 yen
* Please contact them for the details about bungalow.

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer   Kiwamu Ogawa