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Rokujo Beach with Stunning Vista, Yonaguni Island

post : 2014.07.04 19:00

Along the coast on Yonaguni Island, Japan’s westernmost island, a tomb group which is unique in the world for its vastness, Urano Cemetery.

When you drive a car into the cemetery, tombs will come into your sight one after another; however, the landscape of the hill looking over the ocean feels so refreshing.

After passing through the cemetery, you will find “Rokujo Beach” on the east, whose name is accessible.
Yonaguni Island is surrounded by precipitous cliffs and you can go down the cliff to Rokujo Beach.

I was carried away by this heavenly vista from the top of the cliff.

Small sand beach that can be seen from here will be almost hidden at high tide.
People say that the beach is called “Rokujo (six tatami mats) Beach” for its tininess.

I have heard of this, the beach is not so easy to find even after someone explain to you how to get there.
This time an acquaintance took me there so finally I could reach there for the first time!

The nature around Yonaguni Island is powerful and the color of water and the landscapes are unique and very different from the other islands of Yaeyama Region.   

Having been thrilled by a beautiful gradation of colors of aqua blue for some time, I started going down.

There is a path to the beach, but sometimes you have to climb over rugged rocks.

When I arrived there, I found the fascinating beach where you can see a lot of tropical fish in very transparent water.

When I was there (about 13:00 on May 26.  Please note that time for flux and reflux changes every day.), it was close to the low-tide period. So the beach looked as twice big as “six tatami” and became very spacious.

When I looked up where I had been climbing down, I gave another sigh dreamingly impressed by the untouched vast wilderness.

The islanders have come here frequently since their childhood with family to play around the water and brought boxed lunches to enjoy a relaxed time.

It is difficult to locate the beach if you have never been there.
There are no signs for direction, so please ask the islanders about how to get there.
Please make sure that you wear sport shoes to go down the rugged path with great care.

The water current is fast outside of the reef, so please enjoy swimming on the edge of the water.

It is worth seeing even from the top of the cliff instead of going down to the beach.

For your information, there is “Yojohan (4 and a half tatami mats) Beach” in Urano Cemetary!  You can access just by the beach by car.

Rokujo Beach

Yonagumu, Yonagumi Town, Okinawa

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Masumi Sasamoto