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Whale Glass Bottom Boats

post : 2014.07.26 16:00

Enjoy the Busena Marine Park whale glass bottom boats

On Okinawa Island there are only whale-shaped boats at Busena Marine Park! Seeing the whale boats floating in the beautiful Okinawan sea it a very charming scene. The cute whale boats will most definitely raise the spirits of children. So you it is a recommended place to have fun with children!!!

There are two whale-shaped glass bottom boats, one is black, and the other is white. A guide will tell you about the fish and the habitats and you will able to know the names of the fish and their special qualities from the glass bottom boat!

The marine park is located on Nago’s sea, so the clarity is high enough that you can see beautiful coral, from the glass boat you can enjoy beautiful scenes from the middle of the sea. And of course you are able to see tropical fish up close!!

Also at Busena Marine Park you can also enjoy the underwater observatory. It is the also the only one on Okinawa Island. It is a 360 degree view, with 24 round windows and you can see coral reefs and colorful tropical fish! Even on days that the weather is bad you can see beautiful reefs and fish, so if the weather is unfortunate it is a place where you can enjoy the sea of Okinawa.     

Please enjoy the beautiful coral and tropical fish close up.

Busena Marine Park
1744-1 Kise, Nago-shi, Okinawa

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1744-1 Kise, Nago-shi, Okinawa