Okinawa Tourism Information:“The20thMensoreGreatOkinawaExhibition”IsBeingHeld!AtIsetanShinjukufromWednesday,July23toMonday,July28,2014

“The 20th Mensore Great Okinawa Exhibition” Is Being Held! At Isetan Shinjuku from Wednesday, July 23 to Monday, July 28, 2014

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What?  We can enjoy the atmosphere of Okinawa in Tokyo?!

Okinawa fans living in the Tokyo area!  It has been hot days.  Have you made plans this weekend?
You might want to enjoy summer holidays, but don’t want to go stand out there in hundred degree weather.  A perfect event for such a weekend is being held at Isetan Shinjuku.

“The 20th Mensore Great Okinawa Exhibition”

An air-conditioned exhibition hall is filled with a variety of charms from Okinawa!

I would like to pick out some charms to introduce you.
Let me start with EAT IN, which made the long-awaited debut in this exhibition!
This time, not only from mainland Okinawa, you can enjoy a stall from Miyako Island.

Pizza from “Don Colino” (in Miyakojima City) has plenty of fresh vegetable produced in Miyako Island.
You might be wondering …Goya topping on pizza!?
Bitterness and sourness of the vegetable match up perfectly with tomato sauce.  It is so delicious that you might want to eat as much as you like.

Quite a few people might wonder, “Why pizza in Okinawa?”
Actually one of fun things to do in Okinawa now is visiting around cafes with a soothing atmosphere.
There are fancy cafes which reconstructed from foreigner’s residence or traditional Okinawa-style house, having been built little by little.  Cafes serving lunch plates using fresh local vegetables or freshly-baked pizza are so popular.

Let’s move on to “Awamori Market” (in Naha City), which showed their products next to the stall of “Don Colino.”

Here you can savor about 50 kinds of awamori!
Bright-colored Minsa (a fabric made on the Yaeyama Islands)-woven coasters are placed on the bar counter.  Awamori will be poured from a beautiful small earthenware vessel called “karakara”.  You might feel as if you were in an izakaya (pub) in Okinawa.♪  
The sake bottle and small sake cup has special meaning respectively.
You must listen to an interesting talk on awamori by the owner, Mr. Gahi.
While enjoying savory awamori, please listen to lovely episodes on sake bottles.

Of course, you can enjoy Okinawan standard menu items!
A recommended menu item from “Okinawa Soba Dining Kawa” (in Naha City) is gorgeous Okinawa soba with three kinds of special toppings, rich-tasting soki (stewed pork spare ribs), roasted sanmainiku (braised pork belly), and fluffy yushidoufu (unsolidified tofu).

Speaking of an exhibition, you would like to enjoy shopping as well.
This is a good chance to buy Okinawan items which are difficult to obtain on mainland Japan.
There are many attractive items such as fully-ripe tropical fruits, unique local ingredients, T-shirts with chilaxing character designs, stylish yachimun (Okinawan word meaning “pottery”). 

This rolled cake is “Tsuken Carrot Roll” from “Petits Fours” (in Uruma City).  This Okinawan sweets has been rapidly gaining in popularity.

A shop stood out in the hall is “MIMURI” (in Naha City).
The shop offers sundries with motifs of fruits and vegetables sold in Okinawan markets.  On top of that, the owner directly paints designs on a fabric surface, so each item is the only one in the world!

A photographer from Okinawa CLIP editorial department could not take her eyes off of this camera strap.
This lovely colorful strap is difficult to find and is irresistible for “Camera Jyoshi” (a female enthusiast who has an obsessive interest in photography). 

Many customers stared rapt at “Road Works” (in Naha City).
A variety of Ryukyu Hariko (paper mache) of heartwarming, pretty characters delight your eyes.
Ryukyu Hariko is a lucky charm that a parent bought to wish the healthy growth and successful career of one’s child, but now only a few craft artists of Ryukyu Hariko are at work.
Among the artists, Mr. Toyonaga produces humorous style of Ryukyu Hariko, which has gained popularity lately.

Many hariko dolls raging from lovely-looking dolls to something strange you might be wondering…”what? Is this a doll of a living thing?”
“Oh? The expression on this face is familiar to me…” Such an encounter might be waiting for you.♪

Well, you have fully enjoyed shopping in a cool hall, but it is a shame just to go home right away!  I Garden on the rooftop opens beer garden where you can enjoy Okiawan live music while drinking Orion Beer!

You will be entertained by live stage performances of pop music, folk music, etc. by artists who have a close connection with Okinawa, Kazufumi Miyazawa, Yukito Ara, Isamu Shimoji, Akira Ikuma, Sansanar, Shakari, Chihiro Kamiya, and so on. 

On our visiting day, a workshop for painting shisa (guardian lion dog), which even children can enjoy, was being held. 

Orion Beer that you enjoy under a blue sky is very special!

This exhibition is full of Okinawan fascination you can appreciate even in Tokyo.

Monday, July 28th is the last day of the event, so please do not miss this special opportunity!

“The 20th Mensore Great Okinawa Exhibition”

Date: Wednesday, July 23 to Monday, July 28  10:30 to 20:00

Place: Exhibition Hall, 6th Floor, Main Building, ISETAN Shinjuku

Special Website for Okinawa Exhibition: 

“Orion Beer Fest In Isetan”

Date: Wednesday, July 23 to Monday, July 28  11:00 to 21:00

Place: I Garden Stage/ I Garden, Rooftop, Main Building, ISETAN Shinjuku