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A Choice Beach Popular Among the Locals on Ishigaki Island

post : 2014.08.01 12:00

Ishigaki Island has many beaches for sightseeing, but there are unbelievably beautiful natural beaches that only local people would know.
One of them is Kabira Tabaga.


When you go toward Club Med Kabira at Kabira Rotary with your back to Kabira Bay, you will enter an unpaved road on the right at the Y-junction on the way.
Keep going along the road, and you will find the sea beyond monpanoki (velvet soldierbush).

Walking down to the beach, I found photos were being shot for resort wedding couple on the left side.
The local people call this beach “Shooting Place,” and even a film was shot here. It's not famous, but it's well-known to those with a discerning taste in beach.
It is a shoaling beach with cobalt blue water, so it is perfect location to have a picturesque photo of people with background of this breathtaking sea.

As the beach was not developed as a popular leisure resort, there are no showers or restrooms. On the right side facing the sea were some big rocks, so the local residents took a rest under the rocks.

White clouds are reflected on the water surface; the beach is so scenic that I would like to make a postcard out of it.

Because of the shoaling beach, Kabira Tabaga is perfect for visitors with children and snorkeling beginners.
You cannot swim when the north wind starts blowing in winter at Kabira Tabaga, so now, the summer time is the best season for you to enjoy this marvelous beach!

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Hiroshi Kuwamura (KUWA)