Okinawa Tourism Information:ColorfulFishInTheReefWelcomeYou!OneOfTheBestBeachesOnIshigakiIslandNaturalBeach“YoneharaBeach!

Colorful Fish In The Reef Welcome You! One Of The Best Beaches On Ishigaki Island Natural Beach “Yonehara Beach!

post : 2014.08.04 18:00

 “Yonehara Beach” located on the northern coast of Ishigaki Island is a natural beach about 1 km stretch from east to west.  It attracts many people for its scenic beauty and very fine sand.  

The real thrill of this beach is underwater watch.  A spectacular sight is a stretch of abundant corals and a large number of fish in the shallow reef.  At low tide, even in shallow waters, about adult-below-knee deep just from the water’s edge, you can take a close watch at colorful tropical fish (The photo below is “hama kumanomi (One band anemone fish)”).  With an underwater goggle, both adults and children will be greatly pleased for sure.

Of course, if you go beyond the reef, water will be so much deeper and a more wonderful undersea world spreads out before your very eyes.  However, the current is very strong here, so snorkelers have been washed away frequently in recent years.  The area is very dangerous and now considered as “No Swimming” area, so please be very careful.
It is because Yonehara Beach has not been officially recognized by the government as a “beach (artificially managed one)” and has no lifeguards.  If you are swept away, no one can rescue you for sure, so please do not take a risk.

Please note that, even at low tide, make sure you do not go near the reef edge because of strong surf.
In addition, at high tide, rip currents sometimes occur even within the reef and you will be in danger of being washed away offshore. Even within the reef, please make sure you wear at least life jackets while snorkeling.  Please pay attention to safety measures and take full responsibility for your actions.

For your information, the parking lot has a signpost showing water current, so I would highly recommend you check it before approaching the sea.

Oh, I have been writing scary things so much, but one more reason for its constant popularity is “Yonehara Camping Ground,” which is built next to the beach.
In summer, the ground is crowded with mainly the locals for beach parties!
The ground is packed with many tents and full of smile.

On top of that, a sandy beach from the land to the water’s edge has several meters in height, which is so wide and spacious.  Even if a large number of people visit here, you don’t feel cramped.    
To the west, lush green Kabira Peninsula comes into your sight while to the far east, stretches dynamic up-and-down Hirakubo Peninsula, and so on.  This unique location is worth visiting. 

The entrances are on both sides (the east entrance and the west one).
(The photo below shows the east entrance.)

The camping site is furnished with toilets and free showers (Only on the east side).  A shop is near the west entrance, so it is convenient to buy something necessary here.  Parking lot is charged, but you can find some space at surroundings to park.  (Please note that you are not allowed to park on the road nearby, of course.)

As long as you are careful of water accidents, this natural exquisite sand beach is filled with best charm.
We can rely on the good reputation of Yonehara Beach as “one of the most popular beaches on Ishigaki Island.”

Yonehara Beach

Address; Yonehara, Ishigaki City
Tel: 0980-82-2809(Ishigaki Tourism Association)
Admission: Free
Swimming Period: All year

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Kiwamu Ogawa