Okinawa Tourism Information:Thetruthof“nankurunaisa”

The truth of “nankurunaisa”

post : 2013.09.10 16:00

Often used in TV shows and others, the Okinawan idiom “nankurunaisa” is now famous in and out of Okinawa. Haven't you heard it before?
It means “everything is gonna be alright” and many people take it as a way to express optimism.
Originally, this idiom was a part of the formula “makuto soke nankurunaisa”, which can be translated as followed : “makuto soke = If you do the right thing, the true thing” “nankurunaisa = everything is gonna be alright”.
This expression is close to the English proverb “do the likeliest and god will do the best”. Tending to be considered optimistic, this phrase also expresses the honest and sincere side of the “uchinanchu” (Okinawan people).

Okinawa CLIP photographer/writer Taiki Gushiken