Okinawa Tourism Information:CuteHeart-shapedRocksMakeYourHeartSkipABeat♡“Thinu-hamaBeach”

Cute Heart-shaped Rocks Make Your Heart Skip A Beat♡ “Thinu-hama Beach”

post : 2014.08.29 17:00

While enjoying the brilliant blue hues of the water, you can drive around Kouri Island, which is located in the northern part of Okinawa.  It is a famous isolated island for Kouri Ohashi Bridge.  It takes just 5 minutes to drive around the small island.  

Here, an Okinawan version of the story of Adam & Eve has been passed down.  Because of the legend, the island is also called “Love Island.”

Kouri Beach is at the entrance of the island, and some more beaches are scattered on the opposite side of the island.   

Especially “Thinu-hama Beach,” where you can find heart-shaped rocks, has become a new famous scenery spot on Kouri Island and been called Heart-shaped Rock Beach.

Thinu Beach is located right on the opposite side of Kouri Ohashi Bridge, where you can view East China Sea.  A tiny landmark leads you to the path to the water, and it takes just several minutes to get to the beach if you follow the path.

The water that has been seemingly far away first is getting closer to you little by little.
As you keep walking as if you were attracted by the beauty of blue, it will build an excitement and a sense of expectancy.
The path is going down gently…oh?  You are almost there!?

Passing through pineapple-like adan (screw pine) fruits, what you can see ahead…

…are heart-shaped rocks standing in the water!

Breathtakingly beautiful emerald blue water is also impressive!

When walking down carefully for rugged rock stones to the beach,…

You can see them clearly. They ARE heart-shaped. ♡  
Even though you know it is naturally formed, it surprises you.

Actually, there is a place where you can see the two rocks that look like lapping over one another; they produce a heart shape more clearly.
Please come here to find the place!

And on top of that, at sunset, you can savor the fantastic heart-shaped rocks with a background of a reddening sky.

Many visitors just leave the beach after taking pictures with the rocks, but of course, you can swim here, too.
But please note that the beach has no lifeguards, so please be careful when swimming.

Heart-shaped rocks on Kouri Island, whose another name is Love Island, has recently brought many people who wish to be given good luck in love.

When you cross the Kouri Ohashi Bridge, please come around this beach as well.

Thinu-hama Beach (Heart-shaped Rock Beach)

Address: Kouri, Nakijin Village, Kunigami County
TEL:0980‐56‐1057 (Nakijin Village Tourism Association)

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Akiko Ono