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post : 2014.08.30 13:00

Shell craft of kainowa are mainly accessories made from Green Turban shells and Trocas shells.

A shell craft worker, Mr. Makoto Kawahatsu has been fascinated by smooth formation inside of shells, which had been created in the nature.
Producing a variety of shapes from shells on his own way, he shedded light on beautiful hidden nature formation. 

A workshop & gallery located in the community of Hamahiga Island has a space where time has seemingly stopped.
In a tranquil air on the island, accessories casting a soft and gentle light are waiting for you.



Address: 97, Katsurenhama, Uruma City
TEL: 098-977-7860
Official website for kainowa:

Music: Yashito Arai

Movie Writer  Ouji Ogawa