Okinawa Tourism Information:CanoeExperienceSeminarforParentsandChildren,B&GCleanFestivalMarineSportPromotionMeetingwasheld!

Canoe Experience Seminar for Parents and Children, B & G Clean Festival Marine Sport Promotion Meeting was held!

post : 2014.09.20 18:00

At the beach along the Kaichu Douro (Mid Sea Road) in Uruma City, a Canoe Experience Seminar for Parents and Children, B & G Clean Festival Marine Sport Promotion Meeting was held on August 17.

This event has been held every year to provide opportunities for people, including children, who don’t come to the sea so often to have a chance to play in the water through marine sports and recreation, etc.

Visitors can participate in marine activity experience programs such as the Banana Boat Ride and Marble, etc.,  and the Canoe Experience Seminar for Parents and Children.

At 10 AM, the opening ceremony started.

Children listened to an instructor very seriously, and learned the precautions before they started enjoying water activities, including how to find the right size life jacket and how to wear it.

After that, they cleaned the beach where they were going to play at, which became a good opportunity for participants to think about environment conservation and garbage problems.  Everybody worked very hard to pick up garbage drifted onto the seashores by typhoons and the ocean breeze.

When the beach became clean, the fun time started!

Marine activities such as Banana Boat Ride, Marble, Jet Ski, etc. are very popular among adults and children!

Among all the activities, “Marble” pulled by Jet Ski, running through the water is the most thrilling!

At the same time, they could join the Canoe Experience Seminar for Parents and Children, where they learned how to ride a canoe and how to use paddles. 

Traveling on the water by canoe slowly looked very comfortable.


Unfortunately it was not very good weather, but totally 170 participants including elementary school students, junior high school students, senior high school students, and adults enjoyed the event.

For participating in the event, you need to pay 100 yen for insurance fee, but to experience marine activities, etc, are free!!
Using this opportunity, some people tried as many times as possible.


This event made every participant very happy and brought on a sunny smile to them.  The participants enjoyed playing at sea to the fullest.

The event is scheduled to be held next year, so please join it next time!


Official Website for B & G:

B & G Blue Sea and Green Land Foundation
The event is hosted by B & G Katsuren Marine Club

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Akari Matsumura