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A watermelon is a summer feature.

They are grown everywhere in Japan, but Okinawa has been known as the earliest harvest for watermelons in Japan.

The harvest season is from December to September!
It is a long period, so the fruit is appreciated as a winter gift for Christmas and the New Year’s holidays.

Watermelons are cultivated everywhere in Okinawa, but Nakijin Village is famous as a producer of watermelon so that “Speaking of watermelon, we easily think of Nakijin Village in Yanbaru(the forested northern part of Okinawa).”

Watermelons from Nakijin have a high sugar content, juiciness and refreshing texture.
The moment you put a kitchen knife into a watermelon, it will crack open.

Although the first harvest is in winter, we love to eat watermelons in the hot summer.
I want to have a big bite of a watermelon like a child, but I would like to introduce you a watermelon recipe for adults today.

There was a restaurant & bar called “CHE SARA” in Tokyo.
“Welcome Back” is written on the entrance of the restaurant.
The words attract many people who are seeking for relaxation to the soothing space.  

During the summertime, when we enter the bar, firstly we ask this question;
“Do you have watermelons today?”
The watermelon cocktail made our summer perfect!

Listening to happy BGM at the bar, it would be the best delight to shove watermelon rum into my mouth one by one.
The rum-soaked watermelon has more sweetness and freshness and is easy to eat.
But it is a strong cocktail, so you need to be careful.

I decided to try to make the cocktail I enjoyed on deep nights a long time ago, using Okinawan watermelons and rum from Ie Island.
A bartender in those days gave me the recipe.

【Watermelon Rum】

All Ingredients:
* Nakijin Watermelon
* Ie Rum “Santa Maria (Gold)”

【Recipe Instruction】 

1. Cut your watermelon into cubes. (Remove seeds.)

2. Drop the watermelon chunks into a cool-looking rocks glass. (A cocktail glass would be perfect!)

3. Fill the glass with Ie Rum about 3/4. 

4. Refrigerate the whole glass in the freezer about 30 minutes.

☆Cooking Tips

If the watermelon chunks are completely frozen, it would be hard to eat.
So it is better to take them out when it is partially frozen.
Please check the proper freezing time of your refrigerator.

Refreshingly-sweet watermelons from Nakijin go well with "Ie Rum Santa Maria Gold,” which is made using only juice squeezed from sugarcanes of Ie Island and matured in oak barrels.

Firstly enjoy one bite of a rum-soaked watermelon cube and have some rum mixed with sweetness of watermelons.  That is my recommended way of enjoying watermelon rum because you can clearly tell a good chemistry of rum and watermelon.

Sweetness of the fruit and smell of rum show off to their best advantage.
The recipe is easy, so please try it!

The recipe was provided by
Barman Enochin

Address: 5-2-9, Minami Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3473-2119

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