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Ishikawa Festival Brings Full of Smiles to Families

post : 2014.10.03 21:00

Ishikawa, Uruma City, is located in the center of mainland Okinawa, stretching out from north to south.
Ishikawa is the most active area for bull-fighting and beautiful nature still remains intact there.

A festival representing Ishikawa District, “The 4th Ishikawa Festival / The 14th Ihicha Youth Eisa Festival” was held on September 13th and 14th.

The MCs were Mr. Taishi Iha, the president of Ishikawa Youth Association, “Bootenkai,”who is well-known for play-by-play broadcast at Bull-fighting Tournament and Ishikawa Haarii and Ms. Kaori Iha, a personality of FM Uruma.
The talk of the perfect match warmed up the venue.

Coincidentally on that date in the city, another festival called “The 4th Dance Festival Iyasassa Mourana in Uruma Contest” was held.
One of the entry teams marked a start of “The Ishikawa Festival.”

This is a dance group traveled from Chiangsu Province in China as a special guest.
The spectators erupted into cheers after appreciating their splendid dance.

Boys and girls who belong to Iha Training Hall, Ishikawa Shaolin-kan showed karate performances with their brave shouts echoing throughout the venue.


Following the karate performances, Mamo Hula Studio showed their beautiful hula dance and Venus Belly Dance performed a fascinating show.

In “The Ishikawa Festival” you can also enjoy minyou (folk songs).
They are members from Iha Akira Minyou Research Center.

In addition, a minyou singer, Ms. Shoko Kuratomi, presented her beautiful singing voice.  I was healed by the resonating sound of sanshin at sunset.


The event hosted and run by the local youth group, Ishikawa Youth Association “Bootenkai” is never be on a broad scale, but it is likable since the local people work in good cooperation and try to bring a lot of excitement to the spectators.

Once young music band, “The Blue Sky Kick’s” started their performance, the line just before the stage was full of children!
They gave a cute cheer for the musicians.

The performance by a modern version entertainment group “Yanzaya,” who remains perennial favorites in the prefecture, brought the excitement in the crowd to a climax!

A local singer from Tokunoshima in Kagoshima, Mr. Ryoma Yasuda, who sings the theme song of “Bull-fighting Fighter Waido” appeared on the stage and showed his powerful singing voice.

Following Ryoma-san’s live performance, there were a minyou and a band performance.  Around 9 p.m, “The Ishikawa Festival” finished.
The following day, “Ihicha Youth Eisa Festival” was held to show gallant eisa performances by youth groups in Uruma City.

The two-day event, filled with a variety of attractions, pleases everyone from children to the elderly.
Next year, why don’t you jump and sing together to have a lot of fun? 

Event Days: Two days in the period of September to October every year
Location: Ishikawa, Uruma City
Host: Ishikawa Youth Association “Bootenkai”

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Takano Nakao