Okinawa Tourism Information:No.1BeachinIrabuIsland!“ToguchinoHamaBeach”

No. 1 Beach in Irabu Island! “Toguchi no Hama Beach”

post : 2014.10.09 14:00

Speaking of No.1 beach in Irabu Island, which is located about 5km northwest of Miyako Island, everybody will think of “Toguchi no Hama” quickly.
Situated on the southwest of Irabu Island, the natural sand beach spreads about 50m wide, about 800m long as it unfolds in a gentle curve.

A highly transparent water shows pure white sand on the sea bottom and shines with incredible beauty.
Very fine white sand will slip through your fingers and you feel comfortable with the warmth of the southern land as your bare feet touch it.

The beach has the entrances on the west side and the east side, either of which offers different beautiful views.
Both sides have stores and diners.  You can use parking space, toilets, and showers.
(The facility on the west end provides rental service of marine activity goods.  Please note that you have to pay for shower.)

The western end has a breakwater stretching out several 10m.  At sea, you can look over the arc-shaped coastline inside of the breakwater, while outside of which, picturesque gradation of blue and green stretches far to the horizon.   

Silence is the charm of the east end, where plenty of spaces with nothing but sand and sea just spread out.
Ahead of the beach, a series of rugged rocks continues for several km along the shore to add much to the majestic silhouette of the island.

Of course, there is no lifeguard surveillance since it is a natural beach and waves and tides can easily come in here.  Thus, while swimming, please take full responsibility for your actions and pay extreme care.

As of September, 2014, access to Irabu Island is only by ferry or high-speed passenger boat from Miyako Island, but in January 2015, a 3,540m bridge “Irabu Ohashi Bridge” will connect Irabu Island and Miyako Island.  It will be the longest toll-free bridge in Japan when completed.  The beach will be definitely crowded by too many visitors just like every popular beach in Miyako Islands.

Unfortunately, this might be the last chance to savor the true natural beauty of “Toguchi no Hama.”  Why don’t you come to enjoy beauty in its true colors and sophistication before it is spoiled?

Toguchi no Hama
Address: 1352-16 Irabu, Irabu, Miyakojima City

Miyakojima Tourism Association
TEL: 0980-73-1881

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)