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Air Walk By a Jet of Water! Flyboard at Uken Beach

post : 2014.10.17 21:00

At Uken Beach in Uruma City, you can enjoy the marine activity everyone is talking about,, “Flyboard.”

Uken Beach is a popular family beach among the locals, where BBQ set, banana boat, etc. are available.
What has been getting a lot more attention lately here is flyboard.

Flyboard is an activity, in which people can float up in the air from underwater in a standing position by powerful water pressure supplied from a jet ski.

“How can people stand on a column of water?”
You might think that only those who have an excellent sense of balance can do that; however, they say that even the beginners can surely stand up on top of the water in the first experience.
And as you become more familiar, by sifting your weight you can also glide freely left and right in the air.

I was scared but I convinced myself to try it.
Firstly, you wear shoes just like you put on snowboard boots.
This pair of shoes are connected to a jet ski by a very thick hose like one of a fire engine.
As you float on your back, you are pulled by the jet ski and leave the shore.

When you come to moderate depth, you will get on to the real thing.
The moment you hear an instructor revs up the throttle the jet ski, sea water will run through the hose to be injected at your feet at a frightening pace!
For the first several times, you cannot stay on the water properly and fall forward and backward.  Even though you fall off, all you can see ahead is a pure blue water, so it does not bother much.

Every time you fall, you get the hang of balance and quite quickly can stand on the column of water.    
The instructor will increase the engine speed, and you will be pushed up and up in the air, which will result in good visibility

It is a little scary to rise up against the gravity only with your body, but such a thrilling experience will be addictive.
I could enjoy the air walk more than 10 times for 30 minutes.

They provide a rental service of wet suits.  Anyone from elementary school to 60 year olds can challenge flyboard throughout the year.
Considering a sense of fulfillment, I felt the price of 5,000 yen for 30 minutes a good deal.  
For those who are wondering if you cannot stand on the water well and fail to do it at all, they offer a trial course, in which you can experience for 15 minutes for 3,000 yen and if you can stand on the water, you can switch it to the regular course.

Just imagine that you float alone in the vast air over the ocean.
On top of that, how exhilarating it is to stand on the top of water!
Everybody, please try this exciting experience!

【Activity Information】

Business Hours: 10:00 to 18:00
Appointments are required.  (You can make an appointment on the visiting day.)  098-898-0556(Lay Flat)
Address; 644-3 Uken, Uruma City

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Aya Asakura