Okinawa Tourism Information:ComfortingSpaceWhereTheLocalsandTouristsGather“OnnaSeasideParkNabiiBeach”

Comforting Space Where The Locals and Tourists Gather “Onna Seaside Park Nabii Beach”

post : 2014.10.20 12:00

Located next to Onna Village Fishing Port in Onna Village in the middle of the western coast resort area, “Onna Seaside Park Nabii Beach” has its proud calm water surface and very fine white sand.

The mascot “Beckoning Shisa,”which sits at the entrance of the beach is the landmark.

The park has a free parking lot in addition to many resting places with roofs, for which it has been loved by the local people.

As the beach is managed by Onna Village, facilities are beautifully cleaned, lifeguards are stationed, and more things satisfy especially for families.

And on top of that, the most popular service is easy BBQ!  You can rent BBQ set and make reservation for BBQ food by 3days prior to the reservation date. (You can also bring in food.)  Tourist also can easily come here for a beach party empty-handed.
Of course, those who would like not to do BBQ or have no time for that, please come to the restaurant which commands a beautiful ocean view.

They offer rental services of floats, parasols, etc. as well as a variety of marine activities such as banana boat, sea kayak, snorkeling, and an offshore fishing tour that is not available at any beach else.

In addition, the sun setting off Manza Cape some hundreds meters ahead is amazingly beautiful.  So in the evening, I guarantee you can enjoy the expression with a difference from that seen in a daytime.

Though situated in the center of the resort, the idyllic seaside park has a local, relaxing atmosphere.  This soothing beach where the locals are integrated with tourists is kind of a “best-kept secret.”  

Onna Seaside Park Nabii Beach

Address: 419-4 Onna, Onna Village
TEL: 098-966-8839 (Nabii Seaside Park Office)
Admission: Free

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Kiwamu Ogawa