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Cafe Azzuro Purple Yam Cheesecake

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 In Chatan the comfortable Cafe Azzuro has refreshing green walls and a simple modern interion. Chatan being next to a US military base a lot of foreign customers come as well. There is a lot of English being spoken inside the shop so it has the mysterious feeling of a cafe in a foreign country.

 The most popular dish without a doubt is the cheesecake! It is rich but the it doesn’t taste too cheesy, so you might gobble down two or three pieces!

 All the cakes you can get at Azzuro are cheesecakes. They normally have 10-13 varieties of cheesecakes in the shop. If you included the seasonal and event limited flavors they have a repertoire of about 50 varieties. There are not set you so when you go you can enjoy wondering what varieties will be in that day.

For example this vibrant “Purple Yam Cheesecake” where you the feel the Okinawa-ness. It has the refreshing sour full bodied flavor of cheese and inside that it has the gentle taste of purple yams wafting about. Even among the purple yams in Okinawa they are focused on using ones from Yomitan.   

The tropical drinks like the passion fruit tea and the mango soda are also popular. If you pay an extra 100 yen with the lunch set, you can get a drink.
The avocado chili con carne (ground meat, beans in a taco rice style), is ground meat with lentil, tomatoes, avocado and plenty of vegetables over brown rice. It is healthy but it is a single item that will make you full. I recommend topping it with the Marie Sharp’s super hot red habanero sauce from the Caribbean.  

 A dish that is popular even among the foreign customers is the Azzuro special Panini. The bread is handmade and it is cooked as soon as it is order. And with fries that come with them you could think you are in a cafe overseas.

While talking to the beautiful clerks at Azzuro, I had a relaxing time in a calming cafe. There is a comfortable sofa as well so you may stay for a long time,

Azzurro, which is popular with people from within Japan and to those from outside Japan, is a cafe I recommend and I want a lot people to go to.

Cafe Azzurro
2-18-6 Chatan-cho, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa 904-1006
Operating Hours: 11:00am-10:00pm (Saturday until 11:00om)
Closings: None
8 Parking Spaces Available

Okinawa Clip Photowriter Reina Chinen (0173)


2-18-6 Chatan-cho, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa