Okinawa Tourism Information:ThePlaceForPeopletoGatherforTourisminOkinawa"OkinawaOutletMallAshibinaa"

The Place For People to Gather for Tourism in Okinawa "Okinawa Outlet Mall Ashibinaa"

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Okinawa Outlet Mall Ashibinaa is one of the largest outlet malls in Okinawa with 103 stores.

In the Okinawan dialect Ashibinaa means playground. Long ago in Okinawa people of all kinds would get to together to exchange ideas and deepen exchanges at the local ashibinaa. Just as the name states people of all kinds, both from within  and outside the prefecture and even from outside of Japan, young and old, men and women come to this standard Okinawan sightseeing spot.

It is in Toyosaki, Tomigusuku. About 15 minutes away from the airport by car but those who don’t have cars do not need to worry, there is a bus from and to Naha Airport and Ashibinaa.

It is not only famous brands, there are souvenirs for Okinawa and specialty items so it is a spot I recommend to get your fill of everything from shopping to Okinawan cuisine!  

Right next to it, there is Chura Sun Beach which was introduced on Okinawa Clip before. (Reference Article→The nearest beach from Naha Airport)

There is a Christmas fair between December 6th and December 25th at Ashibinaa!

During this period there are bargains like “up to 80% off!” “original presents!” and free gift wrapping. (The details of the services differs by store)

 Outside of that they have recreated a beautiful street filled with snow and lights and a production of falling snow, with the title “Winter Elegance” which will lift winter in Okinawa up. (Winter Elegance is until February 14th)

 Additionally between December 21st and 23rd there is a “sound and light laser show”. The matching of the sound with the brightly shining lasers makes a beautiful, magical atmosphere.  I recommend this limited time event that is both fun for the eyes and the ears.

Also from December 6th a trick art exhibition is being held

and once a month you shouldn’t miss out on the Shimayui Eisa. You can enjoy groups of local young men doing impressive eisa up close.

Inside Ashibinaa there are 43 shisa that were made by local children. Ashibinaa is truly a place that connects tourists and local people.

Also some very special information!
If you go to the information center and said “I saw Okinawa Clip” you can receive a coupon you can use at about 40 stores or a small gift.  (Details vary by stores. All stores are not applicable) It is until the 31st of December so hurry on down!

Okinawa Outlet Mall Ashibinaa
1-188 Tomosaki, Tomigusuku

Okinawa Clip Photowriter Taiki Gushiken


1-188 Toyosaki, Tomigusuku