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Asa, A Taste of Okinawa

post : 2014.11.16 16:00

Asa season has come again for this year. Do you know what asa is? It is a green seaweed, its Japanese name is hitoegusa.

It has a rich scent and in Okinawa it is a treasure that is added to soups, mixed into omelet and a topping on tempura. After taking one bite, the gentle scent of the seashore spreads plentifully.

The “asa soup” in Okinawa is excellence. The matching of the bonito broth with the scent of asa is great.  Then cutting up Okinawa-style tofu and adding it is the orthodox Okinawan style.

During the coldest period in Okinawa, people love having very hot asa soup. It is an ingredient that is loved by the people of Okinawa.

Places like Kitanakagusuku that have receiving acknowledgment from Okinawa are famous for aquaculture, but asa can be cultivated in various places. When the season comes, nets on dry beaches capture the seeds of asa and they stick to the net and start to grow.

It is not an exaggeration to say if you walk on the beach you’ll see asa as the don’t only stick to net but boulders as well.

On nice days when people have them off, you can see a lot of parents with their kids pick asa. This is a familiar scene in Okinawa.

 For the children is somewhat of a picnic. It is one way to enjoy living with the ocean in Okinawa. Asa full of minerals and grown on the seas of Okinawa, if you take to the dinner table, it continues be loved by everyone as a taste of home cooking.

Okinawa Clip Photowriter Taiki Gushiken