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Chocolate Using Okinawan Ingredients

post : 2014.11.17 16:00

Off a large road, in the middle of a quiet residential area in Ginowan there is a small modest shop named Jacaranda Blue. There is a fashionable chocolate shop, which are few and far between in Okinawa, that is run by a couple.  

 They went to Australia and studied under a French master craftsman (MOF) whose chocolate bonbons were a delicacy. MOF is Meilleur Ouvrier de France. It is a title that is given highly celebrated craftsmen. It is comparable to “Living National Treasures” in Japan.  It takes two days to three days make the chocolate and lots of labor are put into making high caliber chocolates. That piece of chocolate is beautiful like a jewel and slow and gentle tasting chocolate creates one moment of pure bliss.

One of the charms of the bonbons is the nine types of “Uchina Chocolat” that using ingredients from Okinawa.
Tumeric, Japanese mugwort, Miyako miso, sea salt, Javanese long pepper, tankan, peanuts, brown cane sugar, and island peppers.

In the middle of the chocolate that is melting in the middle the delicate scent of the Okinawan ingredients comes out. When you take a breath you can feel it in your nose. The sweet chocolate with things the taste of turmeric, and the unique taste of the mugwort, from each piece you get a different taste of Okinawa. The most surprising was the “Miyako miso”. I was perplexed by miso chocolate before I tried it but the rich taste of the miso and the sweet taste and smell of the chocolate match well to give off an undiscovered deliciousness.  

 It is a chocolate that uses Okinawa ingredients like no other. If you give it to the guy you like on Valentine’s Day your chance of success might go up.

Other than that you can get macaron made using peanuts from Okinawa instead of almonds. With its cute appearance, the scent of the peanuts and the sweet taste of the macaron might make you addicted. The chocolates maybe good as a gift and the macaron might be good as a treat for yourself.  

Chocolate and Cake Shop
Jacaranda Blue
Address: 1F Maison Yuri, 1-8-7 Nagata, Ginowan-shi
Operating Hours: 11:00am-7:00pm
Closed: Tuesday and Wednesday
Parking Available (3 Spaces)
TEL: 098-892-8654

Okinawa Clip Photowriter Taiki Gushiken


1F Maison Yuri, 1-8-7 Nagata, Ginowan-shi