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Thoughts from the Seas of Okinawa The Postbox in the Middle of the Sea

post : 2014.11.22 16:00

Nami no Ue Beach is a popular diving spot that isn’t far from Naha Airport. At the end of last year of one postbox was placed on the beach and the other was place on the seafloor on the diving and snorkeling part of Nami no Ue Beach.

The “seafloor postbox” is as the name supposes in the middle of the sea. When you go underwater to go towards the postbox there is a sense of excitement and among the about 80 types of natural coral reefs and the beautiful tropical fish and with a water resistant postcard you can deliver your thoughts to the beautiful Okinawan sea!

The other box is the “coastal postbox” used the ebb and flow and during low tide you can see it. It is made so that anyone including children could use it.

On December 21st of last year the ceremony for the setting up of the postboxes took place and local children were the first to put their thought filled messages in to the box using special postcards.

There are two types of drawing on the special postcard that you can use for the sea postbox, one with a cute drawing and one with a photograph. To connect to the future of the beautiful sea, there is the “Nami no Ue Reef Project” which collects donations for environmental protection like cleaning the seas and protecting coral reefs and those who cooperate with them get them get a special postcard for the postbox as a present. So it is also a help in keep the seas of Okinawa beautiful!
In Okinawa since the days of antiquity the thought of Niraikanai” has been passed on. Naraikanai is the land the gods in the direction of the ocean with an abundant harvest and people souls are said to go there.     

The postbox at the bottom is similar to the idea of Niraikanai in that it holds the feeling of gratitude towards nature.  

Outside of enjoying snorkeling and scuba diving at Nami no Ue Beach, there are places set up where you can barbeque and events are held time to time. You also can enjoy the scenery between Nami no Ue Beach and Nami no Ue Shrine on Tomari Bridge.

You can reflect on your ideas or the ideas of someone special and send them to the beautiful Oceans of Okinawa!
Nami no Ue Umisora Park
Address: 3-10-12 Tsuji, Naha-shi, Okinawa
TEL: 098-863-7300
Swim Time:
9:00am-6:00pm (April-June/September-October)
9:00am-7:00pm (July-August)

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3-10-12 Tsuji, Naha-shi, Okinawa