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A Breathtakingly Beautiful Beach That Gleams With Hateruma Blue

post : 2014.11.22 16:00

If you go down the hill, a white sandy beach and the emerald green ocean spreads before you. On Japan’s southernmost island of Hateruma Island there is Nishihama Beach where you can enjoy over 1km long of white sandy beach and you can see the far off Iriomote Island and there is a lot of Hateruma Island in your field of view.   

Even the among the large amount of beautiful beaches in Okinawa, the clear blueness is so wonderful that it will take your breath away.  It is a very beautiful that has taken the number one in the best beaches in Japan. In the Okinawan dialect nishi means north, and the island is facing north.

The sand is white and it is fine and grainy, and feels very good to walk on it barefoot. Just by sticking your feet the shining, highly transparent, clear water and looking off into the horizon, if feel good like being in a different world.

If you go to the craggy place that juts out a bit off of the coast, you can see a lot of coral and oneband anemonefish and denizens of the sea. It is shallow so even small children can pay there with no problem.

On the inner beach there is a free shower and changing room both of which are convenient both of which are convenient. Even if is you don’t swim, you can spend your day laid out in the shade feel the breeze while taking in the beautiful.

On day where the weather is fine and the tide is full, you can enjoy a brilliant, wonderful blue so I recommend checking the Japan Meteorological Agency site before going.

In the evening between summer and fall the there is an impressive sunset into the beautiful horizon. If you have good timing you can see a flash of green before the sunset.
At night you can lay out and look at the sky, you can enjoy a sky full of stars along with the sounds of the waves.
By giving yourself to nature by relaxing on the beach you will forget about the busyness of your everyday, and you will have the wonder of thinking less about your worries.

 It is more than worth it to take a long boat ride just to take a look at this beautiful beach. Everyone should visit this heavenly beach at once in their lifetime.
Nishihama Beach
Free Shower, Restroom, Gazebo
7 minute bike ride from Hateruma Port

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Taketomi-chō, Yaeyama-gun, Okinawa-ken